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Birding story 5

Hey, hey welcome back for Birding story 5 and Happy thanksgiving!

Todays story is about this seagull flying away .  This seagull picture was taken in Virginia Beach when I was also on vacation last year. Man Do I like to travel and take photographs of wildlife.

The story goes the seagull was swimming and hanging out with the other gulls in the ocean waves when this seagull decided to take a leap at it and start flying away back to another area of the beach where it could swim and relax more at the beach. Even if it tried to relax on the beach it would not and fly away to another area of the beach and try again and again .


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First time ever photographing a Bald Eagle

Hi everyone its Al from my blog to talk about a new sighting I photographed today at Jordan Lake.  Today was my first time ever photographing a Bald Eagle at Jordan Lake . My mentor never got the shots of the Bald Eagle but I did so I will talk about the Bald Eagle for a change on my blog.

The Bald Eagle is very rare  in Jordan Lake in this area of North Carolina.

How do you Identify a Bald Eagle? Heres how to identify a Bald Eagle so you recognize it in the wild.

They are very large birds and dark with plank like wings and a large head and bill. Adults have a distinctive black color just like this one with a white head and tail. It has yellow for its bill color.
How do you identify it from the rump to its Head? Heres How they have black on their rump and you have to look for the variation of white on its head and the yellow beak.

They do catch live prey and they also savage for food along shores as well as lake and they like to eat fish.

Hope you have a great night everyone!

Back at Beach from last week

I recently did a beach trip , last week  for two days to Carolina Beach, where I got a boat load and huge amount of photographs from my tip that I will share with you on the blog post.

These are sanderlings that I photographed during afternoon conditions. High tide was not coming yet when I took these photographs.

I always try to go out and photograph the beach and coast birds during low tide conditions and sometimes during high tide if I am lucky enough to catch anything.

This is a spotted sanderling that are also common along the coast of North Carolina. They are very cool to photograph during the afternoon conditions or morning conditions if you are lucky enough to catch them on camera.

I had many opportunities to catch many Brown Pelicans that where having an awesome time far in the ocean due to the fact that there were Dolphins around. I saw many of the Brown Pelicans dive into the ocean and take off and then continue this pattern over and over again. I have many photos of this as…

Black and White Day# 1

Hey Hey its Al with a new week theme for this week of November! Its the first Black and White theme week ever on my blog so I decided to go ahead and do it before AL D notices my blog finally. 

This is a flower I took that I decided to use in black and white for my blog for the first time ever. Black and white is very cool to use in pictures.