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Showing posts from August, 2016

Back in the Neuse River

 Finally getting back to blogging after a long week. I went out with my photography mentor, who obviously likes to try to beat me in blog posting. Which now I am going to beat him sometime before he posts something again. It was very nice and sunny day to explore the Neuse River and get more pictures of that area including different types of birds and wildlife that live in that area of the river front. We spotted 3 Great Blue Herons and got pictures of them and along with that many ducks and a king fisher that live in that area. The blue heron shown below was giving us many different poses for pictures we took . We saw the blue heron cleaning and grooming itself. I did different compositions of moving water while I wadded in the river which was very cool. I used the ISO 100 to do moving water photos and it blurs motion in the pictures of moving water.  Moving water is very cool to photograph if you know what you are doing. You must use a tripod to do this. It takes a lot

Evening Night Exposures

Finally back outside doing more nighttime exposures and astronomy pictures for the first time in August. I have been back from camp after being gone for 12 weeks, which was very hard and exhausting and also working two jobs for the past 12 weeks. Camp ended August 13th. This was a very hot and humid summer this year! In the past it was very hot in the summer 2008 when it made it over 100 degrees. Something you need to know about astronomy photography is you have to use the  manual mode and go down to the bulb mode. The different thing about astronomy photography is it takes time to do star photography and planet photography. I am still learning how to do star and planet photography.

Evening Rainbow

I guess you can say it.. Rain showers in the area bring double rainbows early this evening. Today I noticed outside my man cave window a double rainbow which is very rare to see. I grabbed my camera and headed outside to what kind of compositions I could do with this rainbow. I did this flower composition with the rainbow in between it. I think it came out very cool and it was very different than other photos of rainbows I have done in the past. I had to overexpose some and underexpose some for some of the photos of the rainbows when sunset occurred here tonight. Heres another composition I did with the rainbow that is reflecting on my neighborhood pond which is a very cool thing to do with rainbows over water. Hope you got to see this beautiful double rainbow tonight!!!

Lets check in with the Geese

Sorry about this late post.. Its been a very long time since I updated the blog last time.  Lets checkin with our geese friends this week. These geese  have had their babies and are doing great at our neighborhood pond. I have been keeping a close eye on them all through the stages to adulthood stages in their life. I have been doing a lot of photographs of them turning into adult geese which is very cool to photograph. Peace Out and enjoy the warm summer weather.