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Happy Leap Year

As you may know this year is a leap year which means instead of 365 days we have 366 days this year. The last leap year occurred in 2012. The next leap year will be 2020. This February has been extremely different than others in the past. With the most common storm this month was the supercell thunderstorm that produced multiple tornadoes in the south in February this year. This storm we had a few weeks ago in North Carolina produced an EF2 tornado that hit  the town of Oxford, North Carolina with winds up to 104 This a very weird thing to have in North Carolina in February this year. I have had  many photographic opportunities this month. This year is defiantly going by fast even though its February already. So this year I have decided to have the top pictures of the month in honor of today.   I decided to make this feather picture a February Abstract this Month and the water shinning below an abstract too this time. The photo on  the right  is

Black and White abstract

As the end of February came.. I decided to do some black and white experiments again with my nikon camera. Back in the olden days the only thing that people took in 1950s and 1960s were black and white film. So I decided to photograph nandina berries in black and white for the first time.  I did some other black and white experiments on my camera in January which came out to be cool looking. At the end of every month I am going to start doing a black and white abstract for the end of the month. Hope you enjoy this  black and white abstract of the month of February.

Oh Wild Creatures Everywhere

I recently went to the Museum of Life in Science located in Durham, NC to the Butterfly House with my photography mentor. We were stunned and amazed at how many captive butterflies there were this time compared to last year. We are able to identify different spices of butterflies that live there and the are captive also. I am learning that macro work takes a lot of patience to do. I am still working on that for macro work and getting better every time I do it. We saw different animals as well there including the lemurs, wild life and wild turtles too. We also saw the red wolf that was spooked at something this year in its cage and was doing lots of different strange things which was very different to last year.

Wednesday Color # 5

Happy Color Wednesday. The photo that you see today on todays photo color was taken in Bolin Creek. Taken at the end of January. Me and my photography mentor still not identify this flower that was blooming early this year. This is the very first blooming flower of 2016!

Foggy Weather in February

As many of you know it most nature photographers like to get up early and photography just like myself.   I was already up and ready for the day. When I looked outside my bedroom window I notice a lot of dense fog everywhere in my neighborhood. So I quickly grabbed my camera and headed to my neighborhood pond to do some photos of the fog that morning. The pond in my neighborhood was so full of fog that I started immediately doing photos of it. I remained very steady with my camera taking the photographs at the pond.  I realized to myself that is what I was meant to take photos of this time in the morning. So i did some cool photos doing different compositions of the fog around the pond. I did some horizontal ones and some vertical ones.  And I said to myself how can someone get out of this messy foggy weather. You just have to see if you can make it through it. I  certainly did.  I enjoyed the photo opportunity to photograph fog around my neighborho

Wednesday Color # 4

Totally forget to post this weeks wednesday color.. I was really busy with stuff. So todays color choice was purple taken over a year ago. This flower is a dutch iris. Hope you enjoy this weeks color wednesday, Maybe next week I will not forget to post it on Wednesday!

Happy Valentines Day

Hey everyone! Can anyone guess what today is ??? Valentines Day! Happy Valentines Day. I don't think anyone remembers this snow storm taken in Valentines Day 2014.... But what a minute its not snowing today! Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday Color # 3

Does anyone know what today is ? Oh yeah its color wednesday. Todays color photo is garden spider i recently photographed in late September . Notice its yellow and black pattern on its  back. This is a female garden spider. Happy Color Wednesday!

Wednesday Color 2

This wednesdays color is green! Happy Green day even though we are getting thunderstorms today. Taken a year ago at the Mason Land Preserve this is Prey  Mantis. The Prey Mantis is a very cool insect to photograph. I have photographed some prey mantis last year and hope to continue this year taking more prey mantis photos.