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December Abstract

Hey Hey its AL from the 2019 end of the decade studios just kidding. I wanted to do another abstract for the end of the month this year. I decided to use this photograph, I took on December 26, 2019 as the end of the month abstract. I took this photograph of a dock silhouetted used with background as the sunset colors at Jordan Lake and it really came it really cool. I hope Al D or the old man does not have this picture on his blog. I am going to continue making new seasonal themes for next year in 2020 and stay tuned in for that. Hope you all have a great new years eve and don't party as much as me or the old fart Al D does on the new year.

The final sunrise & Sunset of 2019

This is the end of the sunrise and sunset shots I did for the final day of 2019 and for the final of the decade which was very cool to do . I have now done, the sunrise on Christmas Day and new years eve which was very cool to do because I had those two holidays off from work. This morning on December 31st was somewhat not as cold as I thought it would be, but I still managed it get out to the neighborhood pond and get photos of the sunrise that morning which turned out to be fairly clear that morning which made some cool fartsy pictures that morning along with mist across the pond during sunrise conditions. I also have pictures of the mist coming across the pond as well. Doing Mist photography during a sunrise shot is also what nature photographers want especially if it is good enough to photography but this time it was perfect conditions to photograph it during the sunrise conditions.   I was amazed at how well the mist was cooperating  that day with the sunrise con

What Did 2019 bring us for Nature and Wildlife Photography

Happy end of 2019 everyone . What an amazing year for nature photography this year. Tomorrow will be 2020! January 2019: February 2019: March 2019: April 2019: May 2019: June 2019: July 2019: August 2019: September 2019: October 2019: November 2019: December 2019: Have a great Start to 2020 everybody!

Another Decade goes by with a trace

Hey Hey its Al with a special edition of the end of this decade for a special edition on my blog this year. So I have decided to the best 10 photographs of the past ten years of this decade get it. Summer 2010: This is a picture of the Grand Canyons in Arizona that I took in 2010. I was on vacation for week there and got many pictures of the area and relaxed a lot and enjoyed seeing the red rockies of the west. Fall 2011:   on Cape Cod was a great time to take photos of fall foliage in New England because It came earlier than North Carolina that year. 2012: This was a sunset picture I took in  at Cape Cod on beach when the sunset conditions were perfect that day to do this. FALL 2013: This is very cool tree that used to be in front of my mothers house but had to be cut down a few years because it had fall down on the street below. Winter 2014: Had an amazing snowstorm that I could photograph the days after it had hit and got some

Birding Story 9

Hey Hey its Birding stories number 9 and almost the end of 2019 wahoo. Today the story is about a Northern Mockingbird that I also photographed at my neighborhood pond. This northern Mockingbird, landed on a branch and posed for me while I was getting pictures of it and suddenly it flew off to another tree branch and I continued to get more pictures of this bird while It was doing some behaviors that these kinds of birds have during the winter months.

Christmas Morning Sunrise

Merry Christmas Everyone from the Sunrise studios at Wellesley Place, Just Kidding. I was finally able to get up early for sunrise conditions on Christmas morning this year and got some really amazing photographs of sunrise on Christmas Day. I had to underexpose to keep the colors the way they were producing during sunrise conditions. It was somewhat cold that morning and I still adventured out and got some bird pictures along with the sunrise that day. I will be doing another one on December 31st to end 2019 and riding in the new year with a sunrise shot to start off 2020.

Birding story 8

Hey Hey its Al with Birding stories on this wonderful December day. Lets see what Al picks out for this story time. Oh lets see what Al has picked out for this birding story time this week. Oh its A tufted Titmouse! The story goes I was walking around my neighborhood pond to see what kind of birds I would photograph and spot today at the pond while I was enjoying the outside weather. I came along and spotted this Tufted Titmouse on a branch , that had landed there and I had the pop-runtimes to take the photographs I wanted of it. Then all of sudden it flew away to another tree a short distance away and I continued getting pictures of it. Then  it finally decided to fly into a higher branch on a another tree which I couldn't get anymore photographs of this tufted titmouse.

Birding Story 7

Yeah its birding story 7. Le'ts see what I pick this time for this weeks birding story time shall we. Today the birding story is a Mourning dove. Believe it or not, so here's how the story goes. This mourning dove decided to fly on a branch on a tree above me. I decided to take the pictures of the mourning dove and then someone around the bend came up and scared it away. But anyway I got the pictures before the other person scared it away.

Birding story # 6

Wahoo its Birding story time 6. Let's see what the story is today for the birding story.There was a black capped chickadee eating on a gum ball on day and decided to peck on it as its snack for that afternoon. Then he or she decided to fly away to another tree to enjoy another gumboil or not. Who knows the rest of the story?

Another past full super moon

Happy Tuesday everyone that is reading my blog and yet again i did another blast from the past of a supermen we had on this day taken in 2017. I had used the manual mode and ISO 800 to get this photograph of this supermen in 2017 on this day.

November goes by with a blast in the past

Hey Hey its AL form the studios in chapel hill located in falconbridge haha. It's time for November to blast away with the past. Let's see what December brings us for nature photography this year!

Coastal Day # 7

Hey hey it the end of the weekly theme again twice in one month which is crazy. You know right but I had fun doing two weeks in row of two different weekly themes for this month. I decided to use this sunrise to end the weekly theme of my coastal week theme. I took this Sunrise with the seagull silhouette at Carolina Beach many moons ago and I really enjoy photographing the coastal birds with the sunrise because It is very neat to photograph them during early light conditions at the beach before others come and distract or spook them away or make them fly away.

Coastal Day # 6

Hey Hey its AL of the Coastal Week studios just kidding again. Let's see what I have planned for this day of my coastal week theme for today. I decided to use this sunset picture I took in 2011 at Myrtle Beach which was along time ago.  I wanted to use this on my blog for my coastal week this week .

Birding story 5

Hey, hey welcome back for Birding story 5 and Happy thanksgiving! Todays story is about this seagull flying away .  This seagull picture was taken in Virginia Beach when I was also on vacation last year. Man Do I like to travel and take photographs of wildlife. The story goes the seagull was swimming and hanging out with the other gulls in the ocean waves when this seagull decided to take a leap at it and start flying away back to another area of the beach where it could swim and relax more at the beach. Even if it tried to relax on the beach it would not and fly away to another area of the beach and try again and again .

Coastal Week Day # 5

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and its day # 5 of 7 of my coastal week wahoo. I decided to use this sunset picture I took at Pacific Beach, California for this days day 5 of 7 for the blog post for my weekly theme. I was in California in 2015 while I was on vacation taking pictures of the scenary and of course the birds and wildlife that live in that area  of the pacific area of the United States. I totally enjoyed this trip that I took many moons ago to California and I hope to visit again soon and get more pictures there in a different location along the pacific coastline.

Coastal Day # 4

Its Day of 4 of 7 of my coastal week theme. I took this at Myrtle Beach in may 2019 .. Hard to believe this was taken 6 months ago but its true. So hopefully I will get more pictures or similar to this while I a still here at Virginia Beach , we shall see if I can accomplish it again or not there.

Lets talk about Motivation

Hey, Hey its Al from the Bugging in photography studios in Virginia Beach, Just Kidding with you Al D. Let's talk about motivation in Photography today for this blog post. A lot of people have this quote in sports and such let's get motivated. Which means its time to look ahead and see what you can achieve in anything for any type of sport or fitness or otherwise doing photography. How  get motivated in photography is I pick a subject that I have not done before and work with it for awhile until I have successful mastered that skill in photography and such and such, I improve a lot of skills in fitness or in photography repeating these things over and over again.  My next goal I am achieving to accomplish next year is macro photography and how to improve and get better at it. This is the time of year to plan you're trips for the following year which I already know I have at least two planned so far for next year and possibly two more before hurricane

Coastal Day # 3

Its Day 3 of 7 of my coastal week. Wahoo. i am getting two weeks worth of weekly themes for November which is very cool for the first time of 2019. Maybe I will do it again 2020 sometime in the month of September or October 2020. I decided to use this photograph I took at virginia Beach since I am there right now enjoying my birthday week at Virginia Beach this year and getting more photographs of military planes and coastal birds and scenic shots as well.

Coastal Day 2 and my 28th Birthday WAHOO!

Hey Hey its November 25 , its My 28th BIRTHDAY! I am getting older than you and it also day 2 of 7 of my coastal week theme. Le'ts see what I pick out for my birthday and the coastal day theme today. Today is another picture of sunrise shot I did at Carolina Beach a long time ago. I decided to use the sea oats with the sunrise in the background to make an incredible shot that I thought came out really nice to use for my blog for this day of my coastal week theme.

Coastal Week Day 1

Its the begging of my coastal weekly them for my 28th  birthday week. Heres to the beginning of the coastal week theme. This a sunrise I took at Carolina Beach way back that I decided to use on my blog for the theme of November . 2 weeks in a row with weekly themes never have been done on my blog till now. So I think you can say it Al D I am ahead big time now!

Black and White Day #7

Hey Hey it the final day of the Black and White weekly theme. I wanted to end this weekly them on a good note to end this black and white week with a lily that is planted in my moms yard that I decided to use in black and white for this day of the week. I hope you enjoyed this weekly theme of Black and White and there will be another theme starting on November 24 of the Coastal Week for my birthday week!

Black and White Day 6 of 7

Yeah Its Day 6 of 7 of my first official Black and White theme week. This is a rose I took at Bolin Creek during the summer with my dad , while we were hiking on the trail. I still have many photographs from that area of the gardens.

Black and White Day # 5

Hey hey its Day 5 of 7 of my black and White theme. I decided to use this tree for my blog pot today I took at the five oaks pond during a sunset shot. i decided to use it for a black and white and I still have the original color one as well. I hope Al D is not going to think of this theme for a yearly theme for his blog.

Birding Story # 4

Happy birding story # 4. Let's see what Al picks out for this birding story time this time. This story is of a red- crested pochard I took at Duke Gardens this year during a hot spring day. This Red Crested Pochard Duck flew across the lake at Duke Gardens and decided to take splashing moments while me and my mentor were photographing this duck and many others around the area this duck was here. It started splashing around and having fun during this hot weather while we were here at the Duke Gardens Lake and while observing the others to see what behaviors that were going to happen that day. It was very interesting to see the other birds do their behaviors along with different types of ducks at Duke Gardens.

Black and white Day 4

 Hey Hey its Black and White Day number 4 of my new theme for November this year. Lets see what I have picked out for this day of the Black and White week. I decided to the Monarch Butterfly for this day of my black and white day 4. I took this Monarch Butterfly with my photography mentor who probably can't believe I have another post up ahead of him for this month. To bad Al D i am going to beat you again this month.

Back at Jordan Lake with a friend of mine

Hey, Hey its Al from the Jordan Lake Studios just kidding. I did a recent outing with a friend that worked with me from camp in 2018 during the summer which was my final summer camp at Camp Royall. His name is Lawson, he has the same interests as me in nature and the environment. We explored three different areas of Jordan Lake to see what kind of wildlife and nature we could find while we where there from ten in the morning until sunset conditions which was very cool to see happening at the Jordan Lake and it was a very big outing for me and friend. At the first location, we saw a Male Northern Flicker and many bluebirds and a catbird. The conditions that morning were overcast which was pretty cool to photograph birds in those conditions.  We even spotted the osprey nest that I had taken back in the spring of 2018 when an osprey was on it and flew a short distance away from the nest. The second location we went to was the New Hope Overlook which we did not see any wil