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Birding Story 18

Hey Hey its Al from the birding stories studios just kidding. Let's see what I have picked out for this weeks birding story for number 18, let's see if I can make it all the to birding stories number 52 at the end of year. It's an Eastern Towhee this week for the birding stories this time around. Do you want to hear who the story goes for this Eastern Male Towhee this week shall we see what the story tells us this week.  This story goes the eastern male towhee was flying around trying to find a branch to sit on after finding its food for the day at Duke Gardens. It infect did not find food there instead it landed on branch and just stayed on that branch for a long time that's how the story goes. 

Birding Story 17

Hey hey its al with another birding story this week. Heres how this story goes for this week adventure of birding stories for the week. The canadian geese decided to fly across from the other side of the pond at my neighborhood near the clubhouse to the other side of the pond near where I am curr

Birding story 16

Hey hey its birding story 16. This a great blue heron that i took at Jordan Lake while my friend Lawson, was visiting me for a few days after he finished working in Maine for 10 months. Heres how this birding story goes for this week. The Great Blue Heron at Jordan Lake decided to venture off to a tree branch during sunset conditions to see what he could spot or hunt for during sunset conditions at the lake during that time. A few seconds later, the great blue heron decided to fly off the branch into the water below to see if there was something for him to catch and indeed there was a fish for him to hunt and capture for his dinner. He caught the fish in the lake during sunset and ate it and went flying off afterwards.

Birding Story # 15

Hey hey its another birding story for this week. Lets see what I have dug out for this weeks birding story. Can anyone guess this type of pelican for this week birding story time? Its the Brown Pelican that I took at Virginia Beach while I was there for vacation plus my 28th birthday and thanksgiving this past year which was cool to celebrate two favorite days of the year at the beach. Heres how this weeks story goes. The brown pelican was flying during sunset conditions and decided t go in front of the colors and make a silhouette  with the brown  pelicans  flying into the colors of sunset. I have many pictures of thes brown pelicans doing this at sunset conditions at Virginia Beach. It was a very peaceful evening doing this while I was there doing this photographs of the Brown pelicans at sunset.