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Rare Blue Moon end to January

Happy last day of January everyone!! Did anyone have a chance to see the rare Total Lunar eclipse and rare Blue Moon which is very rare. I dragged my self out of bed this morning to see the rare historical event of a total lunar  eclipse which was very cool to photograph this morning. I have never witness a total lunar eclipse or photographed one until 2018.  I bet my mentor, the old fart limpy did not get to photograph this total lunar eclipse and rare blue moon this morning. This is a rare blue moon but the color in the moon is not acutely blue but its a darken red color.  I had to over expose some to keep the redish color in the moon to look like what I saw.  This year so far has already had 2 super moons in January which is very rare to photograph.  The next total Lunar Eclipse will be in 2023 & 2024. So far we have had 2 snow storms already and its almost February and this Friday is Groundhog day. I hope this year the ground hog does not see his shadow and we can

A quick two from tonight

I decided to take the advantage of the sunset conditions with the snow conditions and icy conditions . I did vertical and horizontal pictures of the pictures of the ice on my neighborhood pond with the reflections of the suns colors on the ice to make it look artistic.. By the the way Old lumpy Al D won't take in more advantages of the snow pictures tomorrow !! But I will !!!

Major Snow of 2018!!

Helo everyone.. hope you all are staying warm and taking pictures of all this snow that start yesterday around 9 AM until now. I had the advantage of getting out in the snow storm and taking pictures with my water proof Nikon digital camera to get the shots of the snow. I wondered off to my neighborhood pond to take pictures of the snow storm brewing the snow everywhere it fell. At first the weather man predicted 1-3 inches than 4-6. Then eventually they did not know how much we were getting. Then they did not know how much snow was predicted after that prediction so I kept failing all day long and I kept getting pictures of the snow from the very beginning of it. I think tis snow was by far the biggest snowfall amount of 11 inches compared to the last snow storm we had two weeks ago with 1-3 inches. Just to warn the Limpy old fart Al D, I got more pictures today of the snow after all this snowy weather finally ended last night around midnight.  Today its very sun

1st Snow of 2018

Its the beginning of the new year of 2018 duh!! January. Happy new year.  Today i decided to venture out to my neighborhood pond to take advantage the snow to take pictures of it.  I am posting the pictures of the snow that the old limpy man, AL D did not get today. Today the weather was brisk cold but I took the precautions to get outside and take pictures of birds and snow that fell last night in the triangle area of North Carolina. We had 1-3 inches of snow last night and lots of ice and many schools in the triangle and the coast region had to cancel schools a lot this week. This winter so far has been a very interesting alright compared to last winter for pictures but there will be more to come on my blog instead of the wimpy man, Al D will not post soon! Stay warm and have a great rest of the week everyone that reads my blog instead of the old fart, AL D!!!

A new bird at the pond

Finally, I have captured a Belted Kingfisher at my neighborhood pond. The picture you see of the Belted Kingfisher is a male Belted Kingfisher. How can you tell its a Belted Kingfisher? The head of the belted Kingfisher has a large head , with ragged fore-and rear crests . The bill is very large thick and pointed black. There is a white spot before the eyes. The Belted Kingfisher of the Male has tiny white spots, the head is blue, the neck and belly has white and blue on the chest. You can find the Belted Kingfisher at lakes, rivers and coast. The voice call  of the Belted Kingfisher is loud and woody rattle. It is a really cool Belted Kingfisher to photograph at you're neighborhood pond or lakes.