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End of April Abstract

The end of april is today and the abstract for this month is a purple iris. I even included in this abstract rain droplets on the leaves from the rain from the night before.This purple iris is at my neighborhood pond. I have been seeing a lot of iris around my neighborhood pond starting to bloom for the spring. You all know the saying "April Showers bring May flowers"which is true because of all the rain we have gotten this month.

Dead Fish Kill from Blue Algae

 As some of you may have noticed at my neighborhood pond we recently had the worst thing possible that happened in the neighborhood pond where I have lived 11 years. At the beginning of last week I noticed two dead fish and later in the week more had died because of this mess called blue algae and blue algae is common in ponds and lakes during summer. The smell of the dead fish was horrifying and very stinky. I could not believe how stinky dead fish acutely smelled. I was very shocked with all the fish around the pond.  This is probably the biggest fish kill I have ever seen. The water turtles we have in our pond here, do not eat blue algae instead the breathe oxygen and go back in the water and come back out again. A few days later people from where we got these fish came out and started collecting all the dead fish which are gone now. Hopefully this never happens again in my neighborhood pond.

Wednesday Color 13

This wednesdays color is a female cardinal taken at my neighborhood pond. I am also into birding photography as well. Have a great wednesday!

Wednesday Color 12

Today is color wednesday 12. Todays photo is a pink azeala  with water droplets taken after a rain storm acutely taken in my backyard after it had stopped raining that morning. Hope you enjoy this weeks color wednesday!

Duke Forest a year later

Finally out for an adventure to Duke Forest on Saturday. It wa very cold that morning. I went with my favorite photography mentor. I finally brought my tripod along with me on the trip so I could do some water movement shots for my blog and other usages for this year. Yes this was my first time photographing a crayfish at Duke forest. I have never photographed crayfish before until now.  Crayfish are very cool to photograph. We also saw a cray fish that had recently molted out of its old shell which was very cool to see. The last wildlife we spotted was the same northern water snake we saw a year ago but in a different spot this time. This time Al D, my photography mentor  did not get bitten by it like last year.  This snake was warming up on the rocks from the cold night we had before. Have a wonderful spring everyone and enjoy every moment of it!!

The very first Green Tree Frog of 2016

 I spotted my first Green Tree Frog of the 2016 spring season 2016 at the NC Botanical Gardens.  This was the first green tree frog of the season I have photographed. This weather for April has been very crazy for nature lately. The pollinators and insects are slowly returning and the pollinators and insects and spiders are really confused about the cold weather. This is very rare for North Carolina to have cold weather in April. But the pollen has died down a lot since it began.This is very good thing for some people with allergies including myself. I have seen some wildlife activity a lot this past week at my neighborhood pond and other places. Regularly I have been doing lots of photos this spring at neighborhood and recently at Duke Forest which I post about later this weekend.  I hope you all are enjoying this crazy spring like weather.

Wednesday Color 11

Todays color post is acutely the northern male cardinal our state bird taken at my neighborhood pond a few weeks. The northern male cardinal is the prettiest red bird in our state. Have you notice any of songbirds in mating season now? I have seen a lot of it so far this spring.  I have and I have been photographing a lot of nature pictures lately. Hope y'all have a great wednesday!