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End of the month

Happy end of the Month of November everyone!!!  I have not been posting in such a long time because of work and projects and etc. So its time to end with this months end of the month which is the winning crescent moon which I took this past week with my new camera lens the 150-600 mm. I used the program mode on my camera with the ISO set to 800 which gave me amazing results of the moon. Now that is winter, I am doing more astronomy pictures and birding pictures for the blog. It so far has given me amazing results of the pictures that I have taken with it . I got this new lens for my 26th birthday!  Its hard to believe that November has come and gone already!

Happy November

Happy November Everyone !!  Its hard to believe that daylight savings time is this weekend !  Its time to fall back an hour on Saturday but you gain an hour of sleep!