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April is out of here

Happy end of April Everyone. What an amazing end of April we had this year. I decided to do a yellow flower for the end of month post for this year. I took this photo a few hours ago today. My macro work has gotten extremely better now. I am working on Macro work for May for the whole month for blog post so you will have to check it on Mondays for Macro Work for May. I will also be doing a spring color week in May as well. Have a great end of April and cheers to May tomorrow.

Spring at Duke Gardens

I am going to get ahead start of Mr. Walkabout on his blog about my recent photo outing to Duke Gardens yesterday. The weather at the gardens was beautiful in the mid 80's. This is a yellow lily with a plash of purple flowers in the background.  The gardens were amazingly beautiful this year in the spring. I photographed many different types of pieces of wildlife and flowers that are located in Sarah P. Duke Gardens along with macro subjects. This is a great Blue Heron I caught yesterday while he was catching the fish for its meal at the pond. I got serval shots of the sequence of the heron catching and eating its fish it caught. This was amazing to photograph the sequence of how the Great Blue Heron caught the fish at the pond at the Duke Gardens yesterday. This a red - crested pochard splashing in the water and grooming its self for the female for the day. I got a sequence of this Red- Crested Pochard as well. This is an Eastern Male Towh

Sunrise 4

Happy Sunrise Day 4 of 7 on my blog. Wahoo. More posts are coming this month. This sunrise was taken at Carolina Beach in 2017. This photograph is only 2 years ago. Hard to believe its been along time since I visited Carolina Beach , North Carolina, but I will be going there a lot this summer and fall to get more pictures and sunrises and sunsets and lots of coastal bird pictures as well on vacations.

Sunrise 3

Happy Sunrise Day 3. Wahoo. I took this sunrise picture at Carolina Beach in 2013. This picture I took at Carolina Beach of the sunrise was taken 6 years go hard to believe its been that long ago .

Sunrise 2

Happy sunrise day 2 of the week.  I took this picture of the sunrise with the gulls in North Topsail Beach, North Carolina on March 27, 2017. This picture is more recent. I hiope you all are enjoying my theme so far for this week in April!

Sunrise 1

Today is  a new weekly theme for the blog called Sunrise week. Todays sunrise is from Ormond Beach Florida, where I was for a week. I took this particular sunrise photo on December 12, 2017. I was up early for sunrise. Hope everyone is enjoying this warm weather with all the sunrises and sunsets!

Spring is in full swing of things!

 Happy spring everyone. I am on the blog finally after a month after not doing it. I was on vacation for a week at Virginia Beach and then went to my dads for a couple of days. The past couple of days, I have captured a variety of spring wildlife and flowers that have finally started. The Azaleas  are in full bloom now.  I have finally have a duck and duckling family at my neighborhood pond this year. Last year, however, the mother and her duck eggs were killed by a coyote. But this year its different, they have survived this year. This spring, I getting a butt load of photos of the ducks and ducklings . I have also been photographing the Great Blue Heron some. Today,  I caught the ducklings and ducks along with this American Snapping Turtle which was cool to photograph after all this damn rain we had these past 2 days . I am ready for the darn pollen to finally be away so I I can work and plant flowers in my garden. I captured this pollen pod that exploded a