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Out again during the fall

  This was no ordinary day out on the field at Mason Land Preserve with the (old fart man who is Al D ) .  I am making fun of him in good way because soon,  I will be the quarter century photographer Al.  Which means it will the golden year for me. We spotted this Juvenile Blue Heron along with Painted Turtles and had to do slow drill to catch close up photos of what they were  acuatly doing with their animal behaviors . In this photograph, I did slow drill to photograph Painted turtles on the logs during the hot of the day which was very cool to see them sunning themselves from the heat. We then went to The North Carolina Botanical Gardens. Where we did the nature trails. I better think that Al D did not do this shot of the fall leaves on this tree with roots on this tree also.  This years color for fall foliage was very different than in the years past. It was very hot this summer. This made conditions harder for the foliage to peak

So Here we go fall colors

I have been really off track with the blogging lately. A few weeks ago in the begging of November my mentor and I decided to go back to his old stomping grounds where he used to live on the eno river in Durham but this was a different section that I have never been in before. This means I did my very own pictures that I wanted to include in this post. Which means the Old weathered  Man walkabout Al D will probably see this maybe. I am trying to still beat him on the blog posting. So we will see if I can finally beat him on his on blog of posting soon.