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Checking it off my list

Today I went to the  Neuse  River in Raleigh, NC. Today I got to wade into the water at the river and Falls Lake. It was in the high 60s today which its very nice for weather in North Carolina in this weather. I have never been to the Nuese River of Falls Lake. So today I decide to call my post checking it off my list. This was my first time and maybe I go back year after year to photograph even more animals and fall scenes there. We over saw the military helicopters for the base in raleigh at the falls lake, which was very cool. I got to explore the area. We also got to photograph a Great Blue Heron on Falls Lake. This was a very wet day for me!!

Color Tuesday: Orange and Red

Todays color tuesday is Orange and red . Hope you enjoy this weeks color tuesday

No kayaking needed!

On Friday April 17, 2015, I ventured out to the Duke Forest with the mastermind Al Densiback to photograph the Duke forest this Spring. We stumbled upon 2 northern water snakes and also we got to handle a queen snake a different type of water snake. We also spotted many different spiders along  the trail that lead us to the river. We explored the area with different compositions for photographs and had a fun time doing it. We also went to the Mason Land Preseve in Chapel Hill. In the Mason Land Preserve it has begun to change to green all over the place. . Sometimes you have to find the perfect place to take photos in the spring. Some of which include local ponds, streams. Some of my favorite places I like to go in the spring to photograph are Lake Gaston, Jordan Lake, Mason Land Preserve, Botanical Gardens, Bolin Creek, Duke Gardens and Duke Forest. Some places I recommend you take photos in this weather , include the Duke Forest, Eno River, Duke Gardens, Bolin Creek,

It is a Green Feeling!

As you may know all the trees have become green over the past few weeks. Today I decided to call this blog post " its a Green Feeling". What a great week for me to do photographs in this spring warm weather. Its getting more hot and humid now. Its been a week of pollen, rain storms and lots of photo opportunities this week. Hopefully the humming birds will start coming to my hummingbird feeder so I can photograph them as well. As well, i am looking for american goldfinches to photograph.. They are sometimes shy birds but the are beautiful birds. This week I might I have the the option of photographing a lightning storm at night with Al D. my photo mentor hopefully if the weather brewers up a good show for us to photograph.

Color Tuesday- Yellow

For this week's color tuesday is Yellow... I wanted to make your day brighter . "Yeah today is yellow day! "

Spring Colors, Oh boy!

Its now spring,  and all flowers are coming up and they are beginning to look beautiful.. So today I have decided  to do spring colors as a blog.

Night Exposures # 2

I recently did more night exposures of car lights  and of ponds at night.. It is really cool to do this.. You have to use the manual control and the bulb setting to do this.

Throwback Thursday: Cape Cod

Todays throwback Thursday is from a trip I did to Cape Cod from last year in April 2014... Hope you will enjoy todays throwback Thursday.