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What A Year 2017

 So I am going to go ahead and start it head of my crazy mentor Al D, who is probably going to freak out before he does his end of year post about the 2017 photogenic opportunities . Heres some Pictures to remember 2017: January 2017: Snow Storm February 2017: March 2017                                                         April 2017 May 2017 June 2017 July 2017 August 2017: September 2017: October 2017 November 2017 December 2017 SUPER MOON December 3, 2017 closest  to Earth every next one that will be close to earth  will be November 25, 2034 

Happy Holidays Everyone

Today we celebrate the lords son Jesus being born today !!      Merry Christmas Everyone!! Enjoy having today off from working and enjoy spending time with you're family and opening Christmas Presents !! I decided to post some snowy pictures of berries for this special day for Christmas Day! Have a great Christmas Day!! Soon it will be the NEW Year, 2018 in less than 7 days !! Keep 2017 happening until January 1, 2018!!!

Sunset Sunday # 5

Happy Sunset Sunday.. This picture was also taken at Ormond Beach but during sunset conditions.. have a merry christmas eve and have a safe holiday night everyone

Sunrise Saturday # 5

Happy Sunrise Saturday!! This picture was recently taken at Ormond Beach on December 14, 2017 during sunrise.. Have a great Saturday!

Snowy Egret vs. Great Egret what is the Difference?

Hey everyone that is reading my blog. I recently did a trip to Ormond Beach Florida for a week,  where I was able to do sunrise photography and Coastal Wildlife Photography. This is snowy egret common in the Florida coastal beaches. This snow egret was catching a fish and wading into shallow waters to catch this fish. How you can tell the difference between the Snowy Egret and the Great Egret is the Snowy Egret has a bright yellow patch in between its eyes. which you can see in the photograph. The Great Egret has a large orange pointed bill, The snowy egret does not have this. I have never caught a snowy egret catching a fish until now at Ormond Beach, Florida.

Sunset Sunday # 4

Happy Sunset Sunday # 4 !!  I took this photo at the Five oaks Pond on February 11th, 2017. I had to underexpose to keep the colors just like they were during the sunset conditions.. Have a great Sunday everyone !

Sunrise Saturday # 4

The sunrise picture you guys are looking at is from Carolina Beach taken way back on February 24, 2014. I have enjoyed taking sunrise photographs during my vacations to get up early and take photos of wildlife and birds during sunrise!.. Have a wonderful Saturday everyone !!

Followup Trip of Hilton Head, SC

I just enjoyed a trip to Hilton Head, SC. Which this town in south carolina is the oldest town and city in this area. I got to see the famous lighthouse called The Harbour Town Lighthouse which was built in 1969 and Completed in the Spring of 1970. I got to climb all the way to the top of the lighthouse to see the incredible views from on top of the lighthouse. I also did some different types of composition for my photos that I took on my trip at Hilton Head and during my visits to the harbor.  I really enjoyed Hilton Head and hope to come again soon to visit and get more pictures here.

OH Supermoon!!

Did anyone one witness the rare encounter tonight of the Supermoon in December?? I sure encountered it and photographed it.. It was very rare to have a supermoon in December but there are many more coming in January 2018 back to back. \ This supermoon is called the cold moon in December.. This is called the cold moon because its the month when winter begins and its the coldest at night . I think its cool that the full moons have names for each month of the year. Peace out everyone until next time on the blog when more posts are coming!!

Sunset Sunday 3

This sunset for this Sunday was taken December 2nd at my neighborhood  pond.. I had to underexpose to make the colors pop out to what they seemed to look like during yesterdays sunset. Enjoy todays weather and sunset conditions and even the SUPER FULL MOON!!! I might even get pictures of it myself and make fun of AL D still when he does not expect it to come !!!!

A quick one from tonights Sunset

I decided to make another post tonight called a quick one from tonights sunset. I decided to make the leaf ( the subject) be the center of attention with the sunset colors behind it to make it look very artsy for tonight.. Everyone have a great evening!!!

Sunrise Saturday 3

Happy Saturday Everyone and you know what theme it is  on my blog, Sunrise Saturday. This sunrise was taken in April this year at Topsail Beach when I was on vacation for a week. The next post of sunset Sunday will be posted soon or will it. Or I will make fun of Al D again on my posts. Be sure to check it out..