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Spring Color to end # 7

Happy end of the spring color theme that I created this year for my blog. Wahoo. There will be a summer color theme coming up in July and a beach theme week for August so stay tuned for those on my blog.

I decided to post these lady bugs for the end of my spring week them to show love for all the people who read my blog on a daily basis that Includes walkabout, Al D!!!

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Spring Color # 6

Wahoo its day # 6 of the spring color theme. I can't believe I did an entire spring color week for the first time on my blog this year!

Today I decided to put the Monarch Butterfly for this day so it make you guys feel special on the sixth day of my color week theme for this year of Spring Colors!

Something cool part 3 from Myrtle Beach

Hey hey its Al from the bugging about Myrtle Beach studios (just kidding haha!)

This a blood moon I took at Myrtle Beach during my vacation while I was enjoying time off from work and just having fun doing photography as well.

Spring Color # 5

Happy Spring Color Day # 5. Two days left until this theme week is done.

This is a yellow flower that I took at Botanical Gardens to cheer up this day will yellow today!

Wahoo Happy Spring Color Day # 5!

some cool thing from Myrtle Beach Part 2

Hey, Hey its Al from the Bugg studios of photography on the blog. Heres something cool from Myrtle Beach part 2. Part 3 and 4 will be coming up on Friday and Saturday this week.

I decided to photograph this fence with the beach and waves in the background to make a very cool photograph while I was taking pictures at Myrtle Beach.
Heres Sanderlings that I took while I was at Myrtle Beach. This time I decided to have the Sanderlings with the reflections for them on the wet sand this year so it would also make a cool photograph this time.

Hope you are enjoying this something  cool things from Myrtle Beach!

Some cool things part 1 from Myrtle Beach

Hey hey its AL from the bugging about blog. Haha Al D.  Todays post is some cool things part 1 from Myrtle Beach. there will be several parts from my trip this week. That I took during my trip at Myrtle Beach.

This photograph is a jellyfish I took during sunset conditions that was laying on the beach.

These are silhouettes of Brown Pelicans that they  flying across the sky and  I wanted to do silhouettes of Brown Pelicans this year.

These are rocks that I decided to photograph this year since I did not take these rock pictures the last time I was here in Myrtle Beach.

The last photograph you see on my blog tonight is shells that I took on the beach tonight to make it a real cool photograph this year to explore a different elements and different compositions of the shells this year on the beach.

There will be a part 2 tomorrow of my beach trip. Stay tuned for more blog posts about my beach trip from Myrtle Beach.

Spring Color # 4

Happy Spring Color day 4. Wahoo. Three more spring color days to go before I end the week off with this theme.

I decided to post this up for this day because I thought it was a cool picture to post for this day for the theme for the week. This was taken at Mason Land Preseve during a sunrise shot at the beginning of May. I hope you like my spring color week so far!