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Birding story # 6

Wahoo its Birding story time 6. Let's see what the story is today for the birding story.There was a black capped chickadee eating on a gum ball on day and decided to peck on it as its snack for that afternoon. Then he or she decided to fly away to another tree to enjoy another gumboil or not. Who knows the rest of the story?
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Another past full super moon

Happy Tuesday everyone that is reading my blog and yet again i did another blast from the past of a supermen we had on this day taken in 2017.

I had used the manual mode and ISO 800 to get this photograph of this supermen in 2017 on this day.

November goes by with a blast in the past

Hey Hey its AL form the studios in chapel hill located in falconbridge haha.

It's time for November to blast away with the past. Let's see what December brings us for nature photography this year!

Coastal Day # 7

Hey hey it the end of the weekly theme again twice in one month which is crazy. You know right but I had fun doing two weeks in row of two different weekly themes for this month.

I decided to use this sunrise to end the weekly theme of my coastal week theme. I took this Sunrise with the seagull silhouette at Carolina Beach many moons ago and I really enjoy photographing the coastal birds with the sunrise because It is very neat to photograph them during early light conditions at the beach before others come and distract or spook them away or make them fly away.

Coastal Day # 6

Hey Hey its AL of the Coastal Week studios just kidding again. Let's see what I have planned for this day of my coastal week theme for today.

I decided to use this sunset picture I took in 2011 at Myrtle Beach which was along time ago.  I wanted to use this on my blog for my coastal week this week .

Birding story 5

Hey, hey welcome back for Birding story 5 and Happy thanksgiving!

Todays story is about this seagull flying away .  This seagull picture was taken in Virginia Beach when I was also on vacation last year. Man Do I like to travel and take photographs of wildlife.

The story goes the seagull was swimming and hanging out with the other gulls in the ocean waves when this seagull decided to take a leap at it and start flying away back to another area of the beach where it could swim and relax more at the beach. Even if it tried to relax on the beach it would not and fly away to another area of the beach and try again and again .

Coastal Week Day # 5

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and its day # 5 of 7 of my coastal week wahoo.

I decided to use this sunset picture I took at Pacific Beach, California for this days day 5 of 7 for the blog post for my weekly theme.

I was in California in 2015 while I was on vacation taking pictures of the scenary and of course the birds and wildlife that live in that area  of the pacific area of the United States. I totally enjoyed this trip that I took many moons ago to California and I hope to visit again soon and get more pictures there in a different location along the pacific coastline.