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Total Lunar Eclipse 2019

Happy totally lunar day yesterday or should I say the Super blood moon of 2019!

This was my very first time getting the whole total lunar eclipse which was very cool to photograph and see for the first time.

What is a total lunar eclipse? It is when the suns shadow blocks out the moon just like it did in these photographs I took last night for the Total lunar Elcipse.

I started out when it first started till it ended which was cool to photograph the whole Total Lunar Eclipse of 2019.

This photograph was taken at 10:38 pm yesterday night. 1 hour before the totality of the Total Lunar Eclipse of the Blood Super moon.

This photograph of the total Lunar Eclipse which by the way was half way blocked from the sun was taken at 10:58 pm.

This photograph was taken at 11:17 Pm.. The totality started at 11:41 pm yesterday.

Now here comes the photographs of the totally of the Total Lunar Eclipse from yesterday until this morning after midnight.

Totality of the Total Lunar Eclipse started at 11:…
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Birding Photography 15

Happy Birding Day 15!! Today on Birding photography, I am going to talk about the American Robin.I have photographed many different robins over the years and the behaviors it has.

The American Robin is in the thrush family.
The wins of the American Robin are greyish color. Below that is orange and the head is dark and the bill is yellow. Female has duller colors but spots below and the tail end is longer than the males. It eats on earthworms during the summer but in the winter months it feeds on berries. The American Robin can be found in woods and shrubs. Its a resident in North Carolina.

to that we add brown and green

This is the final color day of the week. Todays color is Brown and green.

I took this photograph of a deer at the North Carolina Mountains in the fall of 2016. When the leaves where changing to fall colors. Hope to go there again in the fall this year and get more pictures of the fall colors.

In the spring of 2019, I will be doing another color week of spring colors stay tuned for that week of spring colors!

and to the a mixture of orange, black, red and yellow together

Happy multi colored Saturday wahoo. I took this butterfly which is orange and black and the sunflower which is yellow and red and the flower is called a Mexican sunflower.

I photographed the multi colored picture at Carolina Beach and hope to get this exact photo again some day.

we add purple

Heres to Purple Color Day on Friday. This photo is of a hummingbird moth and the color of the flower its on is purple . This a butterfly bush I took in 2017 during the spring . That I though would look good for this color day for Friday during the winter.

to that we add yellow

Happy Color Thursday wahoo. Today is colored theme is yellow.

These are another type of blossom I took at the NC Botanical Gardens with my mentor in 2016 during a photo shot.

I hope I get a chance to see this yellow blossom again this year.

Orange Color Day

Today color of the day is orange wahoo. I am posting more than Al D is posting this coming up week.

I took this orange blooming flower at NC Botanical Gardens in 2016 with my mentor Al D or the other Al during a photo outing with him.

Hope everyone gets a chance to see this orange blossom at the botanical gardens this spring.