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Frog Friday # 3

Happy Frog Friday # 3. Wahoo. Let's see what Al picks for this Frog Friday. This is a Green Tree Frog which I also photographed at NC Botanical Gardens in 2016. 4 years agoutis been along time since I photographed this Green Tree Frog there. Back to the post of The Green Tree Frog. The Green Tree Frog is large for its size. The Green Tree frog is green and can camouflage into weed such as these in the picture. The Green Tree Frogs habit is in the piedmont region of North Carolina and some Green Tree Frogs can be found in the coastal regions of North Carolina. The Green Tree Frog  habits include Wetlands and Swamps around the Piedmont and Coastal Regions of North Carolina. During the Daytime, The Green Tree Frog can hide on waterside plants and vegetation around water areas which is very cool for this frog to do. During the night hours these Green Tree Frogs are active a lot.  The Green Tree Frogs breeding season is from April to September.The Green Tree Frogs tadpoles

Go find a Ruby- throated Hummingbird Day!

So guess what today is for my holiday on blog can anyone guess what it is?? Its Go find a Ruby- Thrpoated Hummingbird! I decided to do this for this weeks holiday on my blog. This ruby throated hummingbird was taken at North Botanical Gardens in 2014. So go try to find some Ruby Throated Hummingbirds and photograph them today for this holiday on my blog.

Frog Friday # 2

  Happy Frog Friday for this month in August this year this is my second post of Frog Friday. This is a Copes Gray  Tree Frog that I photographed at my oldster photographers pond after a thunderstorm that night. This was taken back in 2017.  The copes Gray Tree Frog can be found in North Carolina and are widespread here in North Carolina. They can be found near ponds or water sources that they can lay 30-40 eggs. When the Copes  Gray Tree frog  tadpoles can form 6 to 9 weeks. The Cope Gray Tree Frogs call April to August and there call is a harsh thrill sound . Enjoy Frog Friday!

A quick pictures from today at Gold Park

This is a jumping spider that I photographed at Gold Park in Hillsborough with my mentor who is an old fart with the camera, Just saying AL D. I had the chance to get a closeup picture of this Jumping spider which came out really great. This is a snail I also photographed at Gold Park with my mentor who probably can't believe I am posting again on my blog.

Frog Friday # 1

  This is an American Bull Frog that I took at NC Botanical Gardens in 2019 a year ago exactly.  The American Bull Frog is largest frog in North Carolina and they are native to our area in North Carolina . The American Bull Frogs colors are some shades of brown or green.  The American Bull Frog breeds in the spring and summer in North Carolina and the Female American Bull Frogs can lay up to 12,000 eggs which is amazing to think about. Their call is familiar sound a big time booming " roo-rro-room or jug-o-rum" and these calls can be heard from April to August.  Male American Bull Frogs can defend their territories from other males in the area and they also do an aggression call against other males if this is willing to happen.