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Best of the Day

  After the past two severe thunderstorms we had some storm damage. This tree had fallen due to possibly a lightning strike or high damaging winds in the past storms this week. This weather in June has been very crazy lately. We might even get more severe weather today. A few days ago we had a hail storm.  Which was very cool to see even in this hot weather. Today its very hot.. I went out walking in 86 degree weather. This was very nice for me . I did some photography and took some cool pictures of macro photography and some landscape photography.

Snap and Crackle its Lightning!

 Finally I was able to do my first lightning photos! This was done during a lightning storm last week that was 40 miles away. I now realize lightning is very hard to photograph. Sometimes you can miss the opportunity to shot it and sometimes you can get cool photos of lightning. My photography mentor called me up last saturday to photograph lightning at night. He was grand and responsible for me and he taught me how to photograph lightning. Lightning can be very dangerous to humans. Sometimes you can be struck even when you don't hear thunder and you can be shocked and even sent to the hospital. Lightning is caused by negative and positive charges that are in the air.  A few months ago a woman and man were killed due to Lightning.  This is  a very dangerous situation. This was a very exciting thing for me to photograph lightning and I hope to get more lightning pictures soon!