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Wake me up when September Ends

 Just like the Song "Wake me up when September end s" is about the end of the day of  September. Which this happens to be today. Yesterday I got the chance to go out for sunset conditions to see what was going on. I spotted apparently fighter jets of some sort flying overhead and got pictures of them as they were headed to the Raleigh Durham International Airport taken from my neighborhood pond. It was very cool to take photos of the fighter jets coming over head over my neighborhood pond. This month has not been very much to take pictures of due to our recent Hurricane Florence that has made fall a little bit different this year. But I am getting some fall color pictures of leaves and wildlife. Hopefully October bring some more color and more nature to photograph. Today I took a picture of an Eastern Bluebird taken at my neighborhood  pond. And Hopefully Oldie  man walkabout, Al D will not post as much as me in October, we shall see about that. Have a great rest