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Octobers Abstract

This October the abstract is the fall leaves with across taken during a sunset shot a few weeks ago. I have never done fall leaves with across for a silhouette before for an abstract for October before. So this year I decided to do it and really came out really interesting with the sunset colors behind it. Happy Halloween!!

Dew Conditions

The night before had been cold so I decided to take advantage of the dew photography with my mentor at Mason Land Preserve in Chapel Hill, NC. The dew conditions today were perfect to photograph dew on webs, insects, spiders and wildflowers. Dew Photography is very interesting to do in these conditions. You have to be sure to get up early in the morning when the dew has already settled and time it with sunrise which makes really cool photographs to do. I am still doing a lot of macro work and now I am getting much better at macro work seen in this photograph of the dew on a spider web taken early in the morning.

Wednesday Color # 23

Todays Wednesday Color # 23 is a sunrise picture I took on my trip to the North Carolina Mountains a week ago. As you notice I waited for the sunrise colors and the humidity to get brighter for the colors to get them where I wanted them to be. I hope everyone is enjoying the fall colors already!

North Carolina Mountains Trip

I finally made it to the North Carolina Mountains this fall to photograph the peak of the fall colors. It has been a very enjoyable and photogenic trip to remember. The berries you see in this photograph are called Ash berries. I decided to blur the background of the mountain behind it to make it look very cool for a photograph. I adventure out to 2 different waterfalls and the Grandfather mountains where I climbed all the way on top of the rocks. Here in the mountains of North Carolina the leaves are in peak season while in central North Carolina they are behind this year due to the rain and the hurricanes we had in the past couple of weeks. In the mountains,  the weather is very different in different altitudes here. The fall foliage,  here in the North Carolina mountains , have been very outstanding this year along with the scenery here too. The scenery is breathe taking along with the waterfalls here. This was my first time in the North Carolina Mountai

Wednesday Color # 22

It is  Wednesday Color # 22 just like Taylor Swifts song "22". Todays Wednesday color 22 is a Great Blue Heron taken at the Nuese River this year in August , when i was finally free from camp. The Great Blue Heron was giving me and my mentor great animal behaviors and many different qualities and sounds it has when it is spooked or looking for its mate for mating season.

Another Garden Spider

Happy October Everyone. Its hard to believe its October 1st already! Today the conditions at my neighborhood pond were clear and sunny. I decided to the advantage of the warm weather and go out to find and produce photos today. I came upon this Garden Spider which is very common in this area. This year has been very different for the garden spiders this year.  Last years Garden Spiders were more productive and more that I was able to photograph. This year, however, I only found 3 garden spiders at my pond which is very rare this year. Maybe next year, I might be able to find even more garden spiders  around my neighbor pond and see the babies hatch and I might get photos of them. Photographing spiders hatch will be very difficult to do but I might succeed next year in photographing the hatching stages of then. Peace Out.