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Anything but ordinary

 Today I decide to the make this  post "Anything but Ordinary" you know.. It has been along time since I did my blog last. I have been very busy over the past few weeks taking spring photos in the triangle region of our state. I have seen many different animals including turtles, geese and the babies  being hatched to different mammals and turtles and water snakes lately.  I have been doing some macro photography of animals on different trees and  flowers. And some including our bumblebees and honeybees. And some included hummingbirds which i am looking forward to seeing soon. I am looking forward to seeing more animals and taking photos of the spring.

First Toad and Black Snake of 2015

I recently found my first American Toad yesterday night and a Black Snake today sunning its self in 78 degree weather. Black Snakes are common in North Carolina. The have various color patterns.  Then here comes the American Toad. I found him yesterday before sunset. He also has different variant of colors just like the black snack. He was a very calm and frisky toad. He tried to run from me but I used the advice my photography mentor gave me. It is tricky to catch wildlife. Sometimes you have to wait for their cooperation to do it.

Sunset Colors

Today I decided to make a post about Sunset colors. Sunsets are very beautiful to photograph along wither colors. I have taken many different sunset photos over the years. I did a variety on Cape Cod, Ma and many in North Carolina and some in other parts of the United States. The photo above was taken on Hammond Road Beach in East Sandwich, Ma where I went to school for 8 years and 7 summers. It was 1 mile from the school. The photo on the left was taken at Lake  Gaston, NC. This Sunset was taken in the Hyannis  Harbor in Massachusetts when returning back from Nantucket on a trip. This is photograph of one my first sunset cloud pictures . I took on my first long tripto Sedona Arizona. It was taken in 2010 in the western United States.