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End of March Abstract

The end of March came and I wanted to do a silhouette of a canadian geese during sunrise the morning I got up early and did photos of early morning birding that day. I can't believe the year is going by so fast this year. Happy End of March.  And you know the saying April Showers bring may flowers. Which tomorrow is April 1st and April Fools Day!

Wednesday Color 10

This weeks color wednesday was taken in my neighborhood. It is a eastern swallowtail butterfly on a flower enjoying its nectar for the morning. I have been really busy lately and I have less than 7 weeks before camp starts for this summer. Happy Color Wednesday!

Full swing of colors

As many of you know it finally spring. Many of our bulbs we planted in the fall have finally come up for the spring. I did another recent trip down to Duke Gardens to see what was happening.   The flowers were in full swing at the Duke Gardens so this was another photo opportunity for me to see what i could photograph there. I photographed many different types of bulbs along the way including an orange azalea This was the first time for me photographing an orange  azalea . It was very cool to photograph it. I have never heard of an orange azalea till now. We have many azaleas in bloom now. I been photographing azaleas for years and still I am waiting to photograph dew on them . 

Once again a green feeling

Hey its here ! Its a Green feeling once again.   This year the allergies have been worse than others in the past springs we have had in the past in North Carolina.  This years pollen has been really crazy indeed. Many people are have some reactions to this and others are not having as many problems with allergies as many others.  Notice in the pictures at my pond the pollen has started collecting on the water which is very cool to  photograph . This year pollen is very cool to photograph. It its very different than the ones I photographed last year during this time. I have been photographing pollen almost every year. I hope you like this blog post about pollen photography.

Early Morning Shoot

Getting up really early in the morning is key to nature photographers which I have learned. I did another early morning sunrise shot this spring to see what the sunrise colors were looking like.  So indeed I got up early and headed down to my neighborhood pond to photograph early morning sunrise and wildlife . Nature photography  for me is a big deal for me personally. I started doing photography on digital cameras in 2009. I am getting in the advanced level of photography now. Thanks to all the photography courses I have taken and now being mentored by a professional nature photographer.  I have learned so much about nature photography and getting up is one of the many reasons I get up early to catch wildlife before anything scares them away and I cannot get the picture anymore.

Wednesday Color 9

Todays color wednesday was taken March 12 at Duke Gardens. This bulb is a crocus . I have planted many crocuses this year in my backyard bulb garden which have come very pretty and beautiful to photograph in the backyard. Enjoy this Wednesday Post.

Happy Spring Equinox 2016

Happy First day of Spring. Its time for the all damn allergies  again and especially for the pollen. I know i was late with this post i totally forget to post this on Sunday . Some people take different stages of flowers and pollinators on cameras especially me since I am nature photographer. Nature Photography in the spring is very fun because I can do more macro photography along with nature photography and wildlife photography. Even the water turtles are coming out even more this spring. I have already seen many water turtles in my neighborhood pond. I have been photographing them a lot this spring. Happy first day of Spring in 2016!!

Wednesday Color 8

Today is color Wednesday. I decided to a beach photo for this weeks color Wednesday. Notice that  the colors are golden on the sand. I took this photo of the Sandpiper and the golden colors on the sand at Carolina Beach over 2 years ago. Happy Color Wednesday.

Once again with Feeling

 Happy Spring Weather. Once again severe weather this time was a thunderstorm producing bolts of lightning. This was my first lightning pictures in 2016. I know its crazy weather we have had these past couple of weeks. As you can tell in the photos the storm was in 100 miles away and headed to the coast and out to sea. I got called by my photography mentor who was already at this pond behind Petsmart doing lightning photography. The storm was over already but producing quite a show for us to enjoy and photograph. I am getting much better at taking lightning photos now than I was before. Hope everyone enjoys this post.

Spring Forward Ahead

Its Spring time and its also Daylight Savings time tonight as a write this. Very funny I know right. Which actually means we lose an hour of sleep tonight. But the sun will be out longer now instead of earlier during sunset. Which means it will get dark at 8 pm instead of 7 pm. I recently did a photo outing to the Duke Gardens.  We are now able to identify the unknown rose that we photographed in January at Bolin Creek  which is a Lenten Rose. The Lenten Rose is part of the Buttercup family. The scientific name of this rose is Helllbrorus Orientals. This Lenten  Rose plant is very cool to photograph The song birds have started migrating back to south from their long journey and also the pollinators are becoming more active as it becomes more like spring weather. Its looking like spring is coming and so St. Patricks Day is this  coming up Thursday.  Wear Green Everybody!! The official Spring start date this year is March 20 in only 6 days from now! Wahoo! 

First Assassin Bug of 2016

Heres my very first photograph of assassin big taken in March 2016 at my neighborhood pond. This Assassin bug was sitting on the yellow flower near the pond where I found it and identified it as an assassin bug. The neighborhood pond located in my neighborhood is where I always find new things every year to photograph every day and year. Hope you're enjoying the warm March Weather already!

Wednesday Color 7

Todays Color wednesday is another example of a an orange butterfly on a flower taken at Carolina Beach way back in the days. Happy Warm Days and Daylight Savings time Ahead this weekend!!

Wednesday Color 6

For todays color Wednesday. i took this at the Clear butterfly at the butterfly house at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC. This butterfly is very distinct to its surroundings and it clear on the wings most butterflies don't have clear wings. Hope you enjoy this  Color Wednesday!

Its beginning to look like Spring!

Its March already. Its beginning to look like spring already.. The songbirds are returning to their natural habitats from the north and coming back to the south. Today was 71 degrees which is very like summer weather around here. The water turtles have begun coming out of hibernation from the winter months. As I have noticed today the water turtles were very active in my neighborhood pond and so were the songbirds. I have been out most of the day photographing the beginning of spring already. This is turkey vulture  flying over my neighborhood pond today I have photographed many turkey vultures in the past years in different locations around here in the state. This weather is really feeling like spring and spring has sprung finally. Hope you are enjoying the springy weather already!