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Happy Aviation Day !

Happy National Aviation  Day for plane photographers like me and many others. I take lots of commercial airplane photographs from Raleigh Durham International Airport that is only 15 minutes away from me. I can photograph planes from my neighborhood pond as well that have taken off from RDU International Airport as well.

Lets go higher today!

Its another day for my beach week theme this year. Its called for today" Lets Go Higher". I thought of the picture caption as lets go higher because this gull was going higher when I caught this photograph at Virginia Beach. Hope everyone is enjoying my beach week theme so far!!

Catch of the Day!!

Happy catch of the day for the blog for my beach week theme. I tsk this Ring- Billed Gull at Virginia Beach while it was eating its catch of the day of course FISH!! Yummy for the seagull that day of course!

Sad Saturday

Hey hey its Shark Saturday for the part of my beach week theme. I took this photo of dead sand bar shark on the beach. I was stunned by all the creatures that I found dead on the beach in march. I was really concerned about the environment and what could have caused all  the wildlife I saw for three days just die right away. I had never seen anything just like this on a beach until now in Virginia Beach. This is another photograph I took that same day of a dead fish on the beach. It was very strange to see this in the same day. I hope the environment knows better now!

Happy Foam Friday

Hey Hey its beach week theme for this week of August this year. I took this picture of the foam on Virginia Beach, Virginia this past March 2018. I never posted this photo till now,  for my beach  theme for August this year. The temperature when I took these photos were in the mid 60s that day and windy of course which made it fun to chase down the foam on the beach. I had a blast doing all the photos in the wind of the foam. I did several compositions of the foam on the beach that was rolling due to high winds that day in march when I was taking the photographs of the foam. It was very cool to photograph foam on the beach and maybe next time I will get lucky and maybe get a Willett in it.