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Showing posts from January, 2016

Black and White Abstract for January

This photo I took during the snow storm in january this year. I decided to get some textures on it. The snow that day was very beautiful. So yet again I did black and white for the end of month of February. This tree stump in my neighborhood I have been photographing for along time since 2012. I have old pictures of it from back in 2012 to now in 2016.

Wednesday Color # 1

Its a new year.. So a new theme has been created on my blog this year called " Wednesday Color". I recently went to Pacific Beach in California. I captured this photograph before the sunset I under exposed this photograph to make a silhouette of the surfer and Seagull and behind that is the orange color of the sunset. Hope you enjoy this first Wednesday color of my blog.

Sea Lions in the wild

Today i went out into the wild to photograph wild seals and seal lions. This was my very first time photographing wild Sea Lions in the wild. This was a very interesting to get this close to seal lions in the wild... I got 2 inches away from them. Sea Lions a very aggressive sometimes. But these were really calm and like to be photographed. Which you can see by these photographs.  They like to sun bath a lot. This one to the right was posing for me for this photograph. The one below was also posing for me as he was sun bathing.

First sighting of Blue Heron in 2016

Today is the beginning of 2016! So late to do this post.. Happy New Year!   I went out to my local neighborhood pond to do some exploring and nature photography. I spotted this Great Blue Heron which I have captured on camera many times but this time was different. I photographed the blue heron eating a fish for the first time.  I did the slow drill like my photography mentor taught me how to do. I am still learn how to do more photography things and more advanced techniques. This blue Heron on my pond really knows how to pose for its pictures shown above and to the left. I am really enjoying this weather and nature photography for the beginning of the new year !