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Here we go October

 Happy Halloween and Happy end of the month of October 2020! I decided to use this recent picture from Surf City as the end of the month post for this month. TO BAD AL D YOu will beat in posts ion the winter months of 2020-2021!!

Monday Color # 7

 Happy Monday color # 7.  For todays mondays color I am going to do a sunset that I took at the Intercoastal waterway when I was on vacation recently. The sunset produced a lot of color during this sunset conditions . I did many different shots of the sunset with a Great Blue Heron that I spotted and photographed during this sunset at the intercostal waterway in Surf City. I hope you all are staying extra safe and healthy now that COVID numbers and percentages are going up again in North Carolina. 

Beach Trip Followup from Surf City

 Hey Hey its Al . I just returned October 19 from a week at Surf City, North Carolina where I enjoyed taking photographs, doing some videos for my vimeo account and I did a lot of relaxing on a hammock on the beach. I was out for sunrise a lot during my vacation at surf city. The weather was really nice and not as humid this time.  During the sunrise shot I was up really early and I was able to get tons of photographs off coastbirds and a passing fishing boat that I got during sunset conditions and tons of pictures of the moon phase and Mars while I was there. This is a willed that I took during sunset conditions the first day I was there on vacation. The sunset condition this day was sunny and I got some proof of the sunset colors that day. Willetts are re really interesting coast birds to photograph when you are the beach. Some of them will fly off fast and some will be calm and you are able to get photographs of them. I also get pictures of pelicans during this sunset while I was th

coastbirds #8

 Hey hey its Day # 8 of coast birds for this week. Lets see what All picks out for todays post on his blog. Oh yeah another seagull I took on cape cod while I was on vacation. I really enjoy taking pictures of coast birds while I am at the beach and my emoter AL D will be very impressed with my blog posts of coast birds while I have been on vacation at Surf City for a week! 

Monday Color # 6

Happy Monday color 6 on my blog.  The color of the day for my blog this time is yellow. These are yellow flowers I also photographed at Jordan Lake with my mentor AL D during an outing there. Have a great Monday to start off this week!

coast birds 7

 Hey hey its Coastbnirds # 7 of 8 for the week of coast birds. This is an osprey I took at cape cod in 2019 while I was visiting cape cod and I was on a national Audobon Society Birding beach and got tons of pictures of birds while I was there on vacation. 

coast birds 6

Hey hey its coast bird 4 of 7 for the weekly theme this time. Lets see what Al pickets this time for the blog post it sanderlings for this saturday on my blog.

Coastbirds 5

Hey Hey its Coast birds 5 of the week on my blog. Lets see what I chose for todays blog post for the coast birds theme.    It's a another laughing gull that I took at Topsail  Beach in 2017 for my usage in blog for may coast bird collection.  I hope you are enjoying my blogging post of coast birds this week while I am at Surf City on vacation at the Beach enjoying it and taking tons of new pictures of the coasts and coast birds and sunrises and sunsets. 

coast birds 4

Hey hey its coast birds 4 of 8 for the blog . Lets see what Al choses for this day for the coast bird theme. This is a snowy egret I also photographed in Florida on a vacation. I am using this for todays blog post for the coast bird week theme.

Coast birds 3

Its Coastbird day 3 of 7 for the blog since I am at the beach for a week and doing a coastal bird week which is related to the beach. Lets see what i pick out for todays coastal bird day for number 3. Oh yeah its the Brown Pelican I photographed in Florida while I was there on vacation for a week as well. I hope everyone is enjoying my coastal bird week.

Coastbirds 2

Hey hey its Coast birds 2 of 7 for the blog of the week of coast birds. Let's see what todays coast bird is for the blog today. Oy yeah its Royal Tern tuesday for today. Lets see if i can photograph more Royal Terns at Surf City on my vacation at the beach.

Mars Monday

 Hey Hey its the Mars Rover Al just kdding. I got this amazing picture of Mars tonight from my vacation spot at surf city. Hope you all are enjoying seeing mars this month.

Coastbirds 1

Hey its coast birds week since I am the beach for a week. These are laughing gulls I decided to photograph at Topsial Beach during a sunrise shot there. The laughing gulls can be found in the coasts areas of North Carolina.

Monday Color # 5

Happy Monday Color # 5. Today the color of the day is GREEN wahoo. This is a locust i took at Jordan Lake in september with my mento AL D, who was not able to get this picture instead I got it. Have a great GREEN Monday color!

Exactly 3 years ago today

Hey its throwback from three years on this date at Jordan lake when the same sunset conditions were like as tonights sunset. The sunset taken on October 5, 2017 was exactly like tonights but not much color produced as well during the sunset in on this day in 2017.

Birds plus sunset at Jordan Lake

Happy October everyone. Hope everyone is doing well consider this COVID 19 mess could still go on for months from now. Now  its time for the outing from today at Jordan Lake with My mentor AL D who will possibly not believe I am posting before he does tonight and time is ticking AL D for your post. SO too Bad , I am posting ahead of you tonight on my blog.  When we first arrived at Fearrington Boat ramp, we spotted a different types of birds including a juvenile bald eagle, a bald eagle, many vultures, comorants, ospreys, Great Egert and the Great Blue Heron. This is an osprey that caught a fish today at Jordan Lake which i was able to get sharp focus on it .  This is a Bald eagle I was able to catch when it caught a fish and was trying to kill it during its flight back to its nest to eat, which was very funny to photograph it.  This was one of many ospreys we saw while at Fearington Boat Ramp that circled the area that we were shooting in. This is a tu

Monday color 4

Happy Monday Color 4.. Let's see what I am going to pick out for this mondays color for the blog. Shall we see. OH YEAH Its Camo AL D with a snapping turtle I got a picture of at Botanical Gardens many years ago. I wanted to post this this for you OLD Whippersnapper FART AL D! SO regret it AL D! Tune back in next week for Monday color!

Fall foliage Friday 1

Happy Fall Foliage Friday. I decided to some new ideas and themes for the seasons this year on different days which is cool for me . This is at Bolin Creek during the fall of 2013. hard to believe its been 8 years since i took this photograph during the fall of 2013. I hope you all are enjoying my new theme for the blog for the FALL foliage Friday!