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Total Solar Eclipse

Today was the Total Solar Eclipse where the moon blocks out  the sun to make a total solar eclipse.. The last solar eclipse was 30 years ago.   I am posting before the old man,  AL D  posts his pictures of the total solar eclipse. This was my first time ever photographing a total solar eclipse. I was taking the pictures at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Before I planned the trip I had met with the old man,  Al D who is being made fun of tonight, because he is not posting about the solar eclipse yet but I am writing about it. The goal of taking pictures of solar eclipse is you have to have special solar glasses and a special solar filter to capture the moments of the total solar eclipse. Just like I have done.. The goal of mine this year was to take pictures of the total solar eclipse and I have finally done it. The conditions were perfect at the begin of the total solar eclipse and by the time it was supposed to be at brightest the sun hide behind the clouds and I couldn't