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Foggy Weather Plus Birds at Jordan Lake

Here we go at foggy Jordan Lake this morning when I was there for a sunrise shot with my mentor photographer Al D. I decided to some fog photography shots of the fog that was producing on Jordan Lake because I had never been at Jordan Lake with fog before until now. I was able to get the island with a fog around it in a photograph which will be shown now. This was really cool experience to photograph fog at Jordan Lake.  Here we go with the birds we saw at Jordan Lake today. This is a Belted Kingfisher I took while it was flying on the other side across from where I took the fog pictures at Jordan Lake.  This is  a Great Egert , which AL D is not allowed to photograph anymore sorry AL D. BUT I will post a Picture of you from todays outing on my blog of you almost chipping!! Here he is almost CHIMPPING, SO you got got back good for making fun of me on your blog last time! Lets see if I can catch AL D chomping one time ! This a B

Monday color 3

Happy Monday color 3. Let's see what I am going to chose for this Monday color for the blog. OH yeah its the sunrise from my neighborhood pond taken from this past spring in 2020 while I was still out of work from o2 Fitness. I was up early enough to catch this sunrise and do different wildlife pictures along with the sunrise that day. Hope you all are enjoying this crisp cool weather finally in Central North Carolina!

Happy first day of FALL!!!

It's the first day of Fall. I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during these times and hopefully taking walks and enjoying the beautiful fall like weather finally. So this is the beginning of fall photography finally for me as I get ready for a fall Friday theme which you will be seeing on the blog for theme on Fridays for October and November. Have an awesome start to Fall and hope we don't get anymore hurricanes this hurricane season to hit central North Carolina.

Monday Color 2

Happy Monday color. AND the color of the day is Purple for this weeks color theme so far. This is a breaded Iris I took this at my neighborhood pond in 2019 . Let's see if I can continue this theme for the whole year.

Throwback Thursday 2

Happy throw back Tuesday # 2. Let's see what this throwback Thursday will be featured on the blog this week and let's see what it is for this week. This is a White Tailed Deer , I photographed at my god mothers house back in 2017. I am still continuing to take pictures of the White tailed Deer. Enjoy this day on my blog of throwback Thursday!

Monday Color # 1

Happy Monday color for the first time on blog as a new yearly theme for this year. I decided to start off with some spring colors for this first color theme for the blog. These are corcus that I took at Duke Gardens with my mentor in April 2014. I hope you all will enjoy my new yearly theme for this year on the blog.

ThrowbackThursday 1

Hey hey its Throwback Thursday number # 1 on the blog for the year. Its Al from the Bugg about studios just kidding. For this throwback Thursday we are going back to spring 2020 when I was out of work from o2 Fitness when the the darn COVID 19 mess started and continued. But I was prepared for it. I took this osprey catching a big fish in my neighborhood this past spring in 2020. I watched and watched for the opportunity to catch this osprey catching a fish at my neighborhood pond which had been a goal of mine for several years but never accomplished until 2020. This goal was finally accomplished this spring dive to the fact the O2 Fitness was closed per mentally until recently which was just a week ago it opened back up but I am waiting for the numbers of COVID 19 to get lower before returning to work there. So you will see a a whole lot of new themes on my blog this year for the first time ever. SO BEAT THAT OLD Whippersnapper AL D!

Back at Mason Land

Hey Hey its Al ,ahead of the old whippersnapper on the blog adventure at Mason land. Me and mentor AL D went to Mason Land for a few hours to see what we could photograph for our usage and the blogs of course. This is one of the smallest Green tree frogs I have photographed in this area of central North Carolina. I also did some landscape shots while I was there at Mason land as well to see what I could [produce for photographs in the afternoon.  The yellow flowers in this photograph at Mason Land are called Partridge Flowers and have yellow flowers . We also spotted many different types of butterflies while at Mason Land that day. This an Eastern tiger Yellow Swallowtail that was on this flower at mason land that I got photograph of it. This is a Carolina  Prey Mantis which is very different than the Chinese Mantis that hatched in my yard a few months back and hopefully to get pictures again of them in the adult stage laying eggs and getting videos of tha