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Wednesday Color 17

Today is Color Wednesday. Wahoo Happy Color Wednesday!  Todays Wednesday Color was taken at Bolin Creek at the Rose Garden years ago. So I decided to use it as the is weeks color Wednesday! Happy Wednesday and enjoy the great outdoors!

Not award winners, but some how its just the way I like it

 Todays Post I decided to make this time is called Not award winners, but some how its just the way i like it. I did a recent visit to my dads house before camp started , where i took lots of photographs of spring colors in action and wildlife in the wild. I have enjoyed so much of this summer like weather we are having so far. I did a lot of different compositions for the different photos i took while i visited my dad including some of these. I was adventuring out in the woods to see what was happening for spring and summer colors. I stumbled upon many different photographs i wanted to take while I was there so I did. It is just the way I think as a nature photographer now. I really like doing wildlife and nature photography which is what I have gotten into now. I becoming more of a professional wildlife and nature photographer all thanks to my photography mentor.

Wednesday Color 16

Another birding picture for color wednesday this week. Todays color wednesday is the friendly bird at my neighborhood that I have been photographing for a long time. This wading bird is called the Great Blue Heron. On its head is the streak color of blue. Have a wonderful wednesday everyone!

Wednesday Color 15

Happy wednesday! Its color wednesday. I decided to do another  birding color for this weeks color wednesday. This weeks color wednesday is a purple martin siting on our purple martin box at my neighborhood pond. Purple Martins are very cool birds to photograph and see around ponds especially ours at our pond. Have a great week!

Evening Rainbow

Finally after the rain had stopped today, I got the chance to photograph this rainbow at my neighborhood pond. I was at the right place and the right time to shoot this beautiful rainbow today after it had stopped raining. I guess today was the best early evening rainbow I have seen in a long time.

Macro Photography

Macro Photography is for photographing small creatures and pollinators and any other close ups you can shoot to get the photograph you want or need as a nature photographer. I have done many different types of macro photography this year including taking close ups of spiders, flowers, dew drops, insects and pollinators such as the one on the left. Critical sharpness is need for macro photography for these subjects. You can use the aperture priority  mode do this kind of photography . Some times the wind can mess up macro photography a lot which means you have to wait for the wind to die down to do macro photography. Do you notice on this honey bee that the sharpness is full on the honey bee and its wings are shinning? It certainly is shinning from the sharpness i used to make it do this on macro photography.

Back again to the Botanical Gardens

I did another photographic outing to the wonderful North Carolina Botanical Gardens located in Chapel Hill. The weather has been very crazy. And many cold nights which means the pollinators have been very slow this week indeed. Todays weather was so beautiful outside, that I decided to take the advantage to photograph the NC Botanical Gardens. I photographed many different types of creatures including 3 antilles, snapping turtle, a red belly water snake, black snake, a jumping spider, red male cardinal, and a lot of pollinators on flowers. Snapping turtles and black snakes are very common in this area of North Carolina.  This was the first time for me photographing a red belly water snake. I have never have seen one before until now in 2016. Hope everyone is enjoying not having all the pollen around anymore. I know I am happy about that it is gone now.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday Color 14

Todays color wednesday is the hummingbird moth taken over a year ago right at my neighborhood pond. Notice that this Hummingbird moth is a relative of the hummingbirds we see this time of year. Hope you all are having a great spring and enjoying the wonderful spring and summer like weather we are having in North Carolina!