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A throwback partial lunar eclipse from a year we had on this day

Welcome back to the Bugg studio of photography as we say. This is partial lunar eclipse we had a year ago on this day.  Its hard to believe we had a total lunar eclipse already this month in 2019 and maybe I will get more moon pictures and star photographs this summer. Have an awesome end of January everyone!

End of Month abstract

Happy January 31st. its hard to believe how this year is beginning to fly by so fast. So for the end of the month abstract I am using a picture of a branch that I photographed at the beginning of January during sunset conditions for this months end of month abstract. Hope everyone had a great January and many more months to come this year. Just wait for my next month end of the month of abstract for February!

Wildlife Wednesday 5

Happy Wildlife Wednesday 5 everyone!! Wahoo. I am making a tremendous impact on my blogging this year. This is a carolina mantis I photographed at Mason land Preserve. It blends in very well to its surroundings especially green things which can camouflage with it as well. Hope everyone has seen these before or have ordered prey mantis egg sacks that you can purchase online for the spring to see what you get in the spring and photograph them as they are growing into the adult Prey Mantis.

Birding Photography 16

Happy Birding photography Day number 16. Today were are going to talk about the Northern Mockingbird for this week for my birding Monday. The northern mockingbird is in the mockingbird family. It is 10 inches in length. Their rump is grey and paler grayish white below. It has slender wings and the wing patch is white. Their tail is blackish color with white outer tail  feathers and their bill is short. The northern mockingbird can mimic other birds and repeats each song 3 to 6 times and it sings day and night. Its calls are loud check; softer chair. They can be found in shrubs, towns and fields and the mockingbird resides in the south eastern part of the united states.

Wildlife Wednesday 4

Happy Wildlife Wednesday 4.  Can anyone guess what kind of turtle this is?  Its the Painted Turtle.  The painted turtle has is a unique water turtle found in this area of North Carolina. The painted turtle has straight rows across its back. in other turtles, the scutes are arranged in an a different ways.  Which is very cool to see for different spices of turtles in this region. The Painted Turtle has a variety of color variations on it. The painted turtle, has yellow spots on its head. Red and black margins on of shell. And most of the time you can see the Painted Turtle basking in the daytime. 

Total Lunar Eclipse 2019

Happy totally lunar day yesterday or should I say the Super blood moon of 2019! This was my very first time getting the whole total lunar eclipse which was very cool to photograph and see for the first time. What is a total lunar eclipse? It is when the suns shadow blocks out the moon just like it did in these photographs I took last night for the Total lunar Elcipse. I started out when it first started till it ended which was cool to photograph the whole Total Lunar Eclipse of 2019. This photograph was taken at 10:38 pm yesterday night. 1 hour before the totality of the Total Lunar Eclipse of the Blood Super moon. This photograph of the total Lunar Eclipse which by the way was half way blocked from the sun was taken at 10:58 pm. This photograph was taken at 11:17 Pm.. The totality started at 11:41 pm yesterday. Now here comes the photographs of the totally of the Total Lunar Eclipse from yesterday until this morning after midnight. Totality of the T

Birding Photography 15

Happy Birding Day 15!! Today on Birding photography, I am going to talk about the American Robin.I have photographed many different robins over the years and the behaviors it has. The American Robin is in the thrush family. The wins of the American Robin are greyish color. Below that is orange and the head is dark and the bill is yellow. Female has duller colors but spots below and the tail end is longer than the males. It eats on earthworms during the summer but in the winter months it feeds on berries. The American Robin can be found in woods and shrubs. Its a resident in North Carolina.

to that we add brown and green

This is the final color day of the week. Todays color is Brown and green. I took this photograph of a deer at the North Carolina Mountains in the fall of 2016. When the leaves where changing to fall colors. Hope to go there again in the fall this year and get more pictures of the fall colors. In the spring of 2019, I will be doing another color week of spring colors stay tuned for that week of spring colors!

and to the a mixture of orange, black, red and yellow together

Happy multi colored Saturday wahoo. I took this butterfly which is orange and black and the sunflower which is yellow and red and the flower is called a Mexican sunflower. I photographed the multi colored picture at Carolina Beach and hope to get this exact photo again some day.

we add purple

Heres to Purple Color Day on Friday. This photo is of a hummingbird moth and the color of the flower its on is purple . This a butterfly bush I took in 2017 during the spring . That I though would look good for this color day for Friday during the winter.

to that we add yellow

Happy Color Thursday wahoo. Today is colored theme is yellow. These are another type of blossom I took at the NC Botanical Gardens with my mentor in 2016 during a photo shot. I hope I get a chance to see this yellow blossom again this year.

Orange Color Day

Today color of the day is orange wahoo. I am posting more than Al D is posting this coming up week. I took this orange blooming flower at NC Botanical Gardens in 2016 with my mentor Al D or the other Al during a photo outing with him. Hope everyone gets a chance to see this orange blossom at the botanical gardens this spring.

Wildlife Photography 3

 Its wildlife Wednesday 3. This a Eastern Grey Squirrel. The Eastern Grey Squirrel is in the squirrel family. The variations of the color of the Eastern grey squirrel during the years is during the Summer they are grey above and white below. . Their head is rounded in shape. Their eyes, ring and snot are buffy. They have a long bush tail. Some of the individuals are white or black.  The Eastern Grey Squirrels are pests at bird feeders in backyards that is true about the Eastern Grey Squirrel. The Eastern grey squirrel makes nests during the winter in trees.  They usually breed about 2 otters usually. 2-3 young in the spring. The eastern grey squirrel gives a variety of chattering and clucking. The eastern grey squirrel can be found in broad-leafed and mixed woods especially for oaks and hickory. The Eastern Grey Squirrel is activity by day all year round.

Pink color day

The color of the day is pink. This a pink azalea i took last year during the spring time. This azalea can be found around here in central North Carolina. Hope everyone gets to see the Pink azaleas this spring and photograph them too if you are a photographer like me.

And to that we add White

Happy color Monday. And this is a white flower I took last spring to add to my spring color folder. I wanted to add some white flower pictures to my collection of spring flowers. This is a pear blossom. They are very common around North Carolina. Hope everyone gets to photograph this type of bloom this spring.

Birding Photography 14

Happy Birding Day 14!! Todays topic on Birding photography is the Ruby Throated Hummingbird! This ruby throated hummingbird was taken at NC botanical Gardens a few years back with My mentor Al D. I see a lot of ruby throated hummingbirds in my backyard and at my hummingbird feeder during the spring and summer months here in Norh Carolina. The ruby throated hummingbird belongs in the hummingbird family.  The males upper parts and crowns are iridescent green . The chest and vent areas of the hummingbird are white. the throat color is red.  Female hummingbird has green color above and white below. just like in this photograph above of this female ruby throated hummingbird. It hoovers at feeders and at red and purple or orange  flowers a lot of the times in gardens. It beats its wings dozens of times. . The male wing makes a humming sound. By fact the hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards. It can be found in woodland edges, fields and gardens and can be found aro

Sunday Color Red

So for this week of the blog I am doing a color week for change.  Today color for Monday is red. Theses are red berries I took a few weeks ago during a sunny afternoon. I was hoping to catch a mockingbird or chipping sparrow on them to catch them eating which would have made the picture very interesting but I did not get the birds yet eating them but some day I will.

Wildlife Wednesday 2

Hey, Hey it Wildlife Wednesday 2. Todays topic on Wildlife Wednesday is the Rough Green Snake. The rough green snake is in the Colubrid snake family. They have very slim and have a small head just like this one I photographed at Botanical Gardens. Their color variations are pale green above, yellow below. Their scales on the Rough Green snake are keeled colored. The young Rough Green Snake color variation is grayish green color. The Rough green snakes are non- aggressive. They can gracefully weave through branch in trees, weeds and they swim as well. The Green Rough Snake devours grasshoppers, crickets, caterpillars and spiders. The Green snake can be found in bushes, trees and vines by the water.

First sunset pictures of 2019

 Happy new year everyone. I am back.. Wahoo. Doing more posts this year than ever since I am not working at camp this summer. I got out Tuesday afternoon, to do a photo shot this week while my mentor was working and I did not have to work. I wanted to see what the sunset was going to be like and the conditions of sunset were like that day. I waited for awhile to see what the conditions were going to be like for that night and appeared to be prefect conditions for this sunset fir me to begin taking sunset photographs for 2019. I had to underexpose a lot to keep the colors golden for the sunset colors that this sunset had produced for this day. I am hoping to get more sunset and sunrise photographs this year in 2019.  Hope everyone got to see the spectacular sunset for this day of January in North Carolina and other places in the United States. Have a great night everyone that reads my blog!

Birding Photography 13

Happy Birding Day to all the birding photographers out there. Its on my blog for number lucky 13!! Today on my blog we are going to talk about the Red Bellied Woodpecker. I took this picture in December 2018 at my neighborhood pond right after snow storm Diego hit. The red bellied woodpecker is in the woodpecker family. It can be found in open woods and towns and its a resident in south eastern part of the united states. The voice of the red bellied woodpecker is a rolling churr like brief drum. How you can Identify the Male and Female Red- Bellied woodpeckers Male Red Bellied Woodpecker has a crown and a hind neck with red. The female has a crown but instead its grey, it has a forehead spot, nape and it has the same variation color on its neck just like the male does.

Wildlife Wednesday # 1

Its another year and another new theme for the blog this year which is called Wildlife Wednesday where I will be explaining the wildlife I take during the year. So now on to the topic for the wildlife Wednesday for today. This is a White Tailed Deer and they are in the deer family.  The males of the white tailed deer can be much heavier than the female white tailed deer. The colors in the summer can be reddish grey. In the winter months the white tailed deer can be grey just like these I photographed during an outing with my mentor Al D. The fawns of the White tailed deer are reddish orange color. The white tailed deer can run 35 mph.  Their breeding time is March to September.  The white tailed deer can be found in broad-leafed and mixed woods and edges of wooded areas in North Carolina. They are activity during the day time and night time.

Throwback to 2018 the begging of the year

Happy 2019 everybody.. I decided today to a throwback to the the past for the pictures I did on January 1. January 1, 2018