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Back again, Back again!!

Wahoo I am back on the blog again. I took a big break from it this summer due to the fact that I just moved in my own house June 18th of this year. So I am going to make fun of Al D if he doesnot post anything for a few shall we do it.  So to the real stuff here on the blog. I had the advantage the other day to get up at sunrise and take some cool fog shoots while I am visiting my dad in Warrenton this week, while his wife is away. I did lots of photographs of the fog at sunrise and at a different location yesterday morning to see what kinds of things I could get while it was still foggy and the conditions were holding up for it. I took this picture at the beaver swamp behind my dads house. It was really cool to photograph fog there and I enjoyed every minute of taking the advantage of taking fog pictures. The picture to the right is another location , I took pictures of the fog at during that morning. It was still producing huge amounts of fog everywhere amd I d

Good Birds plus interesting light

Hey its Al from Bugging in studios. I am writing about an outing I did at Jordan Lake for a sunrise shot with my mentor Al D. Sunrise conditions that day were very interesting at Jordan Lake. We saw lots of wading birds that included Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Double Crested Comorrants. We also photographed osprey and the osprey attempting multiple times to catch a fish here. Osprey are very common birds at Jordan Lake and they hunt fish just like the Great Blue Herons do . This photograph of a silhouetted Double Crested Commorant taking flight during sunrise conditions at Jordan Lake. Double Crested Commorants are very common around Jordan Lake and around central North Carolina, If you are lucky enough to phograpgh them in the wild. This is an osprey that attempted to catch a fish at Jordan Lake while me and my mentor were there photographing. I attempted multiple times to catch an osprey catching a fish here at Jordan Lake. After many atte