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Weldon & Ronoake Rapids, NC

Today I went to the Historic Weldon, NC and Ronake Rapids, NC. We spotted serval trains. 3 Amtrak Trains and CSX Frieght Trains. One of which crossed the ronoake River which was Amtrack. This was  spectacular day for me for photographs.

Fog in December

This morning was very mystically morning in Warrenton, North Carolina. I got up at 8 am and took off to get fog pictures this morning. They really came out great.

To my amazement Today

Today fearless walking in 50 degree weather.. I stumbled upon a red shouldered Hawk and mallard ducks today  at my neighborhoods pond. This was a real excitement for me..  I got my big lens 55- 300 mm.. And got the shot I wanted . Red Shouldered Hawk Mallard Ducks enjoying the 50 degree weather really???

Making the light work

Making the light work on a beautiful December Day was key to the photographs taken yesterday during a photo outing with Al Denelsbeck... The other Al , who is a professional photographer.Theres two of us taking photos.

Song Birds

Yesterday I was outside taking Photos of song birds and ducks at my pond at my neighborhood. Which it is coming to be migration season when birds from the north migrate to the warm south for winter.