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Tuesday Color # 1

So Today is Color Tuesday and its Purple  and Pink Day... I have a lot of purple and pink  photos that haven't appeared on the blog.. Hope you will enjoy color Tuesday.

It is looking like Spring

It is finally spring and no more winter weather... It is finally warm outside.  The bulbs are coming and blooming ,  flowering trees are also blooming now.  More animals are in captivity and beginning to come out... I am enjoying photographing the spring and many more photos of the spring to come in the next few weeks... Along with our Preymantis will be hatching in the next month which will be April... I am looking forward to photographing the hatching stages of them and watching them grow into adult stages.

Throwback Thursday

Fall Colors 2012 Heres today's Throwback Thursday They were all taken 4-5  years ago back in 2011 & 2012 So here made a different composition at Myrtle Beach!   I really liked the textures at Myrtle Beach!! Flowers taken in September 2011 and this was  also 10th anniversary of the deadliest attack on our country  2 deer enjoying their dinner! Seagull enjoying the beach  So you make one Winter 2011 Female Mallard Duck

Its beginning to Look like Spring

  Its finally time to become Spring.. I have  recently taken photos of the beginning stages of Spring. The birds are happy to be out in this weather. I have recently spotted my first lizard this spring at the botanical gardens and a Carolina wren.  Its been over a week since I updated the blog last. Carolina Wren Male Cardinal First Lizard for Spring!!

Night Time Exposure # 1

Yesterday it was 76 degrees... Yesterday night I went with my mentor photographer to Hillsbrough on the Eno River. We took night time exposures of water.. It was really cool to do this. It was my first time doing night time exposures.