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Flashback Sunset

I decided to do a flashback sunset shot I did at Lake Gaston on this day from 2012. Way back in the days. The sunset conditions  for this sunset were perfect to photograph at Lake Gaston which is near the Virginia border which is about an 1 hour and a half away from here. Lake Gaston is acutely a family farm to my dads side of the family which used to be a cow farm in the olden days but now its a lake. We are just coming in after a boat ride from another part of the lake and I had to get photographs of this sunset.  This sunset was very unique to photograph and to see happen all in the same time. I took these pictures of this sunset at Lake Gaston on a pontoon boat on the lake its self.

Just in time # 3

Happy Just in time # 3. Happy Monday again for June!  Today on blog for Just in Time # 3 is a purple pond lily i took in April this year at my neighborhood pond during the sunset conditions. I had a blast taking these lilies this year and hope to catch one at sunrise this year!

Just in time # 2

Hey its another Just in time # 2. I photographed these leaves with a spider web during sunset conditions at my neighborhood pond in May. I did not catch this last year as well . But this year I decided to capture this photograph and use it for my June theme for this month for this year.

Just in time # 1

 Happy June everyone! Its another theme for June called Just in time for this month. This year is the first time for doing a month theme on blog. I photographed this blade of grass with sunset right behind it so I could get something different from last year. This is the goal every year for me. I did not capture this last year but this year I did. I hope everyone is having a great start  to June!