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A flashback from the past year

 Hello everyone.. Does anyone remember last year when all the flowers bloomed early not knowing the weather conditions were like. Last spring was very different in a lot of ways, we had lots of warm days, which probably caused a lot of the blooming flowers and blooming trees to bloom early instead of when they were supposed to bloom. So far this is the only spring I can remember in 2018, when February was warm like spring time and all the flowers did bloom earlier than usually. I hope this february the weather does not do this , like it did last spring which confused our blooming flowers and trees. Maybe we shall see if this rare occurrence is going to happen again this February who knows for now?

Birding Photography 20

Happy birding Day 20. This is a Chipping Sparrow I took at my neighborhood pond in January of this year. The chipping Sparrow is in the Sparrow family. It has a small tail. The colors on the Chipping Sparrow are small pinkish bill and a unsteadied breast. Their song is ver simple and long call for them. Their call is a a sharp chip like other sparrows. The chipping Sparrow is most common in the southern part of the united states. The chipping sparrow can be found in in summertime in open woodland areas or woodland edges with grassy areas  but during the winter months, the chipping sparrow can be found found in open short-grassy areas with scattered trees or brushy areas. They can also be found in neighborhoods and parks. Have a great birding adventure day!

is it Spring already? I think it is

Hey everyone. Happy Wednesday. I think we an say our ground hog is very wrong this year. I think spring has sprung very early this year just like last year.' Daffodils and other flowering trees and shrubs have bloomed already. I think this spring will be a great opportunity to photograph this year than last spring. I think we have a had crazy weather so far that made these blooming daffodils and blooming shrubs and trees bloom already. Maybe we are getting an early spring finally instead of six more weeks of winter. I have many goals for spring photography this year. I am hoping to catch the osprey catching a fish in my neighborhood pond along with the matting of the geese and maybe even getting red shouldered hawks mating as well.

Birding Photography 19

Today is Birding Photography Day 19. We are going to talk about the Red Headed Woodpecker for my birding photography 19 today. I took this Red Headed woodpecker at Ebnizer Point at Jordan Lake in August  2018. The red bellied woodpecker is in the woodpecker family. . How to identify the Red Headed Woodpeckers heres how to do it. The adults are black and wings are also black too. Clear white below and their head and neck are red. Thats how it got the name Red Headed woodpecker.  Their rump is white and their tail is black. Heres how to identify the immature Red Headed woodpecker. Back and  and much of their wings and head is brown. . They feed on acorns in tree cavities or large insects on the ground. Sorry Al D for the eating of the insects on the ground. get it AL D!!! Their voice is loud cheer sound. The red headed woodpecker can be found in open woods and sand hills and towns. They are a resident woodpecker here in North Carolina.

A Flashback to the snowstorm of 2014

 Happy Valentines Day 2019. I wanted to a flashback to the snowstorm we had on valentines day in 2014 for this year and especially  on valentines day and  how lucky we got this snow storm in 2014 of the week of Valentines Day. Hope we don't get another Valentines Day snow storm this year.

Birding Photography 18

Happy birding photography 18. Wahoo. Today we are going to talk about another species of the woodpeckers we have around here in North Carolina. Can anyone guess it? This is a downy woodpecker I photographed at my neighborhood pond in December 2018.  I started seeing what the traits and behaviors were when I saw this Downy woodpecker. The downy woodpecker is in the woodpecker family.  More about the Downy woodpecker coming up.  How can you Identify the Downy Woodpecker heres how to identify them from other woodpeckers in the area. The Downy woodpecker has  a mid back white and there wings are black and white spotted too. The Downy woodpeckers tail are white with black spots. . Their head is boldly. The male downy woodpecker has a red nape patch on its head seen in this photograph i took of the male Downy woodpecker. Their bill can be used for wood pecking into trees, shrubs and tall weeds. The downy woodpeckers call is a rapid descending whinny flat and pick and it sounds lik

Wildlife Wednesday 6

Happy Wildlife Wednesday 6. and we are getting done to business here on the blog. Today we are going to talk about the Black and Yellow Garden Spider. It is in the arachnid class for spiders. The head and thorax for the Black and Yellow Garden spider has silvery hair. Their abdomen is large and its shaped in an egg shape. It has black and yellow or orange markings. The legs of the Black and Yellow garden spider are long, hairy, banded with yellow or reddish color. The web of the Black and Yellow Garden spider is large. It can produced central , vertical zig zagging pattern. Their habitats include gardens and bushy meadows. The season of the Black and Yellow Garden Spider are July to October each year.

My 5th Year anniversary of my blog

Hey its Al Bugg. This is my fifth year doing this blog. I started it on this day in 2014. Its hard to believe I have been blogging now for 5 years. Its a milestone for my blog but for al d my mentor it will be his 10th anniversary on his blog last year. In 2024 will mark my 10th year anniversary on this date on my blog. I look forward to doing something special on my 10th year anniversary on my blog.

Birding Photography 17

Happy birding day number 17. We are going to talk about Canadian geese for this weeks birding photography. Yeah my favorite water foul that I photograph often at my neighborhood pond. The Canadian Geese are in the water foul family. How to identify the canadian geese from other water foul heres how to do it. Adults are black and wings brown , their head and neck are long. They have a large white chinstrap ; breast pale . Their temp and rump are white colored. Their tail is short and black colored. Their young are downy yellowed colored. They often fly in a v formation.  The Canadian geese can be found in marshes, ponds and golf courses. The Canadian geese range here from October to March. They are in the south eastern part of the united states and their population is increasing for them as residents here in the south eastern part of the united states.

Happy ground hog Day

Happy groundhog day everyone! Did everyone get a chance to see what the predictions were from our ground hogs today? One in PA said early spring and no more winter. The other two in North Carolina said 6 more weeks of winter. I wonder which one will be true this year? I am another groundhog per say on ground hog day.. who saw its shadow at 4:30 pm. Will there be an early spring or six more weeks of winter.. My prediction is 6 more weeks of winter since I saw my shadow.. I wonder what my prediction will be next groundhog day!!!