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End of Month

Today its the end of February.. What a February we had this year compared to the past Februarys. It has been near record highs for the past couple of weeks with summer like weather. I have been able to capture a lot of wildlife and birds this month for my birding collection for my photography database.  I have been on two outings with my mentor Al D to the Mason Land Preserve  and the Western Eno River where we encountered our first Northern Water Snake this year. Man this weather is bringing out creatures and wildlife earlier this year than in the past years.  I think our ground hog was right this year. I took fog pictures earlier this month along with our Mallard Ducks and many different types of woodpeckers, geese, the blue heron, water turtles  and other different types of backyard birds. I think this year has been a very productive year so far for photography for me so far.  This photograph of the Barred Owl was taken just recently at Mason Land Persevere with

Foggy weather

Yesterday afternoon, I got the chance to chase some fog photos, which my crazy mentor Al D had to work instead of chasing the photo opportunities to get photos of the fog.  When I got off work yesterday, I had noticed that there was dense fog advisory for our area and decided to take action and get out to take photographs of it.Yesterday afternoon the humidity was at 100% and it was very interesting to photograph the fog after and in between rain storms which I did. I think Al D needs to get his stuff together and do better at his fog photography and capture what I did. I spotted of pair of mallard ducks yesterday and decided to photograph them with the fog. I have previously have done geese shots with the fog but this time it was a pair of mallard ducks . The fog was very dense and I enjoyed walking and taking photos of it and of course I get to make fun of my mento today since he did not get any fog pictures.  Too Bad Al D!!  But I did.. So you get to be made fun