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Birding Story # 1

Hey Hey its a new theme for the year Birding stories wahoo. A new theme and I thought of this one for along time but did not start it until the end of october 2019. The story goes for this week is there were a bunch of kayakers that came close to the Great Egret at Jordan Lake when me and mentor were getting pictures of it and got spooked and flew away from us to another part of Jordan Lake or possibly a different spot around the lake.

Fall is still not very much here

As you can still probably tell Fall is still struggling still but we shall see what colors produce this year.  So far, not much color still has not here yet. I am hoping to get more pictures to prove what kind of fall we had this year. So far it does not look like a good fall so far but we shall see.

October Flies away

Hey hey its the end of the month and Halloween!  Happy Halloween everyone! I took the seagull picture on a recent trip to Carolina Beach last week and will give more information on a post tonight. Have a safe and Happy trick or treating everyone on Halloween!

Another sunset from a week ago exactly

I took this sunset picture exactly one week ago on October 23rd at Carolina Beach while I was on vacation for two days. I had to underexpose a lot to keep the sunset colors the way they were producing as the sun was setting that day. Have a great rest of the night.

Back at Beach from last week

I recently did a beach trip , last week  for two days to Carolina Beach, where I got a boat load and huge amount of photographs from my tip that I will share with you on the blog post. These are sanderlings that I photographed during afternoon conditions. High tide was not coming yet when I took these photographs. I always try to go out and photograph the beach and coast birds during low tide conditions and sometimes during high tide if I am lucky enough to catch anything. This is a spotted sanderling that are also common along the coast of North Carolina. They are very cool to photograph during the afternoon conditions or morning conditions if you are lucky enough to catch them on camera. I had many opportunities to catch many Brown Pelicans that where having an awesome time far in the ocean due to the fact that there were Dolphins around. I saw many of the Brown Pelicans dive into the ocean and take off and then continue this pattern over and over again. I have many photos

peaceful day #7

Its the final day of my peaceful week for this week. This was a whole new theme I though of for my blog for October as a second weekly theme. This is the final one, so I wanted to do a sunset that was taken at Jordan Lake for my final weekly post for my weekly theme.

Peaceful day # 6

Happy day # 6 of my peaceful week theme. I took this sunrise picture at Ormond Beach Florida in December 2017 while it was cold here in North Carolina that week in 2017. I had a blast photographing many things in Ormond Beach that week, that I would go back again and again to get more pictures there's of wildlife.

peaceful day # 5

Its Peaceful day # 5 on my blog, 2 days remaining on my weekly theme. I took this sunset picture in Savannah Georgia. The conditions we just starting when I took this photograph of this sunset, I want to see if a boat would pass by and it did.

peaceful day # 4

Wahoo its Peaceful day # 4 on my blog. So I can finally brag about another weekly themed post again. I took this sunrise picture at Jordan Lake just recently this year, when me and my mentor Al D went down to Jordan Lake to see what was happening around the lake for wildlife and what the conditions were like at Jordan Lake for sunrise conditions.

Something new that I photographed today at the Beach

Hey Hey its AL from the beach studios just kidding. I am vacation for a few days. I photographed this Brown Pelican today while it was taking off after many dives in the water along with many other pelicans that live in Carolina Beach. This was very interesting to watch so many pelicans dive and fly and dive and swipe that I have many photographs of them with this was occurring today on the beach. I hope to post more pictures of this if it happens again tomorrow during sunrise conditions or sunset conditions.

somewhat sunset

Hey hey its AL from the Sunset studio just kidding.  I took the photograph of this sunset at Carolina Beach. I was hoping the conditions were going to be partly cloudy conditions during the sunset but it ended up being mostly cloudy conditions during sunset so I had to deal with those conditions for this sunset this time. It was a very interesting sunset and some color but not much at all. Some sunset conditions are like that but you have to deal with what you have photograph during those conditions.

peaceful day # 3

Hey Hey welcome to peaceful day # 3 on my blog yeah more weekly posts finally. I took this sunset at Jordan Lake with my netter Al D, who probably can't believe I am doing another weekly theme again for the second time this month. Yeah for me I am doing more new ideas that he does not know about for my blog yet but he will find out eventually or not that I am going to post more up this year and more this winter ahead of him.

peaceful day # 2

Hey hey welcome back to peaceful day # 2 on my blog. This a sunrise photograph, I took at my neighborhood pond in 2015 before I spent the entire week t the outer banks in Rodanthe. I am hoping to get more sunrise and sunset photographs for my usage of my blog for this year. Have an awesome Monday!

Peaceful day # 1

Hey hey. Its a new theme for the blog this week called peaceful week. I am coming up with brand new weekly themes for 2019 and 2020 already.  I have done the fall week already this month, winter week will be in December 2019 or January 2020.  There will be a spring week again in April 2020. Along with a summer week in June 2020. So stay tuned for those weeks in my blog this year and next year coming up. I took this sunset in Rodanthe, NC in 2015 for the first peaceful day # 1. I took this photograph during sunset conditions on the Rodanthe Sound and had a sailboat pass right by and got a  silhouette  of it  as it moved along. Hope you enjoy this peaceful week theme.

Fall is Still Struggling

Welcome back to another post on my blog yeah. And of course as you know it fall is still struggling to show up in central North Carolina this year.  We have been getting quite cold conditions at night now so Its Fall temperatures now.  And of course as you all know it, we are getting another tropical storm tonight here in North Carolina the remainder of of one that formed in the gulf of Mexico.  I went out to my neighborhood pond yesterday,  to see what the conditions were like in the afternoon to see if I could get any new photographs to put on my blog this year. The temperature yesterday was in the sixties which is very cool for this time of year. I am still trying to photograph the fall colors this year , which may not happen at all but we shall see if it finally happens if we do get any color at all this year on the leaves. Some of the colors have been brown on the trees this year, which indicates we might not get as much color as we usually do in the

Jordan Lake Adventure

 Welcome back to another post on my blog while I am ahead of Al D at the moment for this post about the outing today we did to Jordan Lake to see what was happening there today. As you can tell, fall is still struggling to show up here in Central North Carolina but today it was perfect conditions to see what Jordan Lake was up to after the rain we had last night finally after weeks of not having any rain at all. We saw many Great Egrets, Bald Eagle,  Black Vultures, Turkey Vultures, Great Blue Herons and Osprey that were catching fish today at Jordan Lake, while we were photographing different subjects of the wading birds. Today for some reason the other half of Jordan Lake seemed to be more populated with wildlife today compared to previous trips down to Jordan Lake. In wildlife photography this does happen a lot of the times when you find a spot that does seem to have more activity than other areas of Jordan Lake. I finally attempted to catch an Osprey today catc

Is Fall Every going to show up this year?

 Hey Everyone it Al From the Fall studios just kidding (hahaha). Does anyone think fall is coming or not this year to central North Carolina and are the fall colors coming as well? So far it does not look like a great fall to photograph the fall colors so far but Central North Carolina has been in a drought for several weeks now. Everything here in Central North Carolina including the fall foliage have started not producing yet. We have had so much darn heat that continued from this summer. We had hot temperatures From May 2019 to the beginning of October this year. This might be the reason the fall colors have not changed this year due to the heat and no rain for weeks in Central North Carolina. I have been out a lot taking pictures of the fall this year and coming out with some cool photographs better than last years. The water turtles in my neighborhood pond are still out which is very interesting this year compared to last year. I have also photographed many differ

Fall Color 7

Happy last day of my fall color week theme ends today for the Month of October. I took this fall foliage picture again at the Eno River with my mentor Al D during a photography outing when we were getting more pictures of the fall foliage that year.

Fall Color 6

Happy Fall Color Day 6. Wow the week of my fall color week is almost over but wait November might have a another Fall theme as well. This is a fall picture I took in 2014 at the Eno river with my mentor AL D during a photography session with him to get pictures of the fall colors during that year.

Fall Color 5

Happy Fall color Day 5. Today the fall color picture was taken in the North Carolina mountains in October 2016 while I was on vacation there. I am hoping to go back there in the again sometime soon!

Fall Color 4

Happy Fall Color 4. I took this fall picture just last year at my neighborhood pond. Hope you are all enjoying this fall weather like i am for doing photography of the fall colors this year.

Fall Color 3

Happy Fall Color Day 3. This a reverse rainbow and fall colors I took in 2015. its hard to believe I took this photograph 4 years ago. I am hoping to get the same thing again this fall. Have a great October Day!

Fall Color 2

Hey hey Its Fall color Tuesday. I took this photograph at my neighborhood pond in the Falconbridge neighborhood in 2013 as well. Its been 6 years since i took this photograph. I hope that this years fall is more like last years fall colors in 2018!

Fall Color 1

 Hey its Fall color week for a change. Wahoo. So today for my fall color post is a maple tree that I photographed in 2013 at Bolin Creek along time ago . Its hard to believe i took this picture of this male Tree 6 years ago and maybe this year I will get the maple tree again at Bolin Creek trail.