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GO Find a swallowtail Butterfly today!

its My 29th Birthday and of course I decided to make a holiday for my birthday this year " Go Find a swallowtail-butterfly "for this year on my birthday. These are Sawallowtails that I photographed at the Botanical Gardens on orange flowers which they seem to be enjoying for the nectar today. Heres another swallowtail photograph which I took of this creature on butterfly bush enjoying its nectar and hanging around the area to see if there was anymore things to find to use for sources of nectar.

Mid week abstract # 4

 Hey Hey its Me AL B and its 29th Birthday today and Happy Birthday to me ! Todays Mid week abstract is another  abstract i took during sunset conditions at Jordan Lake this year in October . I hope you are enjoying my new weekly theme on my blogs far. 

Monday Color # 11

 Happy Monday Color # 11 of the yearly theme I have going on my blog this year. lets see what i choose for this Mondays Color post to use this time.  The color of the day is yellow and pink. I did this photograph at my neighborhood pond last month after it had stopped raining and decided to do some macro photography to see what photographs I could produce after it had stopped raining that day. I produced a bunch of different photographs with different rain drops in them after it stopped raining. I hope everyone is staying very healthy during this crazy  times of COVID 19 in North Carolina. 

A new adventure today at a new wildlife refuge

 Hey hey its AL with a special edition to my blog today with a new adventure that I took today at wildlife Refuge in Hilton head called Pickney's Wildlife Refuge. I caught several new species of birds that are never found in central North Carolina where I am from. I was able to a get a Tri Colored Heron picture. Try Colored Herons are really cool herons to photograph and still did not find the bird I wanted to take pictures of the Wood Stork, so hopefully next time I am here I can get pictures of these bird, the wood storks.  This a Belted Kingfisher , that I also see in Central North Carolina where I currently reside.  Belted Kingfishers are wading birds as well and they eat fish just like the other wading birds.  This is an Anhinga which is also a wading bird that we don't have in central North Carolina. But I am really happy , I was able to catch this bird here at the Wildlife Refuge.  Theses birds are really cool to photograph especially at this wildlife refuge. This is an

Mid Week abstract # 3

Happy Mid week abstract # 3 on my blog for the year for the newly yearly theme I thought of on my own. Todays mid week abstract is the stump i took pictures of at Jordan Lake in sunset conditions to make a beautiful abstract of it to use on this new theme for my blog for the year. 

Finally got what i wanted

 Hey hey its Al back with another post from the beach. Today during sunrise conditions I was able to catch the green flash, which only last about 1-2 seconds after the sun rises . I have finally have attempted to catch it after many years of trying to do and today in 2020 was the day I caught it finally! Catching the green flash can sometimes be hard to catch it but you have to take the chance of acutely catching it in photographs but you still can give it a shot if you like to .  I did mange to catch the same sailboats I did a few days back at sunset conditions but this time at pre sunrise conditions  I had a blast taking these photographs during different conditions today at the beach during pre rise and sunrise conditions as well.  I caught several different subjects this morning during sunrise conditions including a jellyfish on the beach. And most important I kept under exposing to keep the light the way I wanted it to look during sunrise conditions today. Finally I was able to ca

Monday color # 10

 Hey hey its AL with another Monday color post for the month of November coming live as we speak on the blog. Todays color is orange. I took this photograph of pre- sunrise conditions at Surf City a month ago for a blog post color Monday for the blog so I could use it for a Monday color post.

A holiday is upon us today!

 Hey Hey its a holiday today for the blog and its Americas Recycles Day! Happy Holiday of Americas Recycles Day  for today! Recycling is part of the world and the environment around us so we can keep the wildlife and their habitats protected from endangering them.  In recycling we throw away tons of bottles, beer and wine containers , newspapers and papers to be recycled for different usage. Did you know 34.6% was recycled in the United States for recycling centers.  Heres some details on recycling materials by percentages. Paper recycling is at 64.7%. 33% is from steel and 26% glass materials. The last ones are 19.8% is Aluminum and 9.5% plastic items to be recycled. E- Watse is called Electronic Device Waste which is pretty cool to think about in terms of reducing and recycling items of electronics you don't use anymore in your household. 

Just some coast birds from today

 Hey hey its Al from the beach studios in Hilton head just kidding AL D. who is probably thinking what I am doing posting so much on my vacation. I have more subjects to talk about on my blog this week since I am on a beach trip right now until Saturday November 21st.  This a Brown Pelican that I took photographs of today when it was catching and diving for fish for its dinner. Did you know pelicans can catch up to 4 pounds of fish per day for their food source every day. I just learned about that today and some research on it. They are found in coastal areas such as Hilton head where i am currently at on vacation this week. The next photograph I took today is a Least Tern in flight that I also photographed today at the beach right outside the hotel where I am staying at for this vacation, which I am enjoying it very much being around wildlife and different surroundings for this week. The next coast bird I took photographs of is a Laughing Gull which I was trying for years to get diffe

Sunrise plus a pelican

 Hey Hey its Al back with some new stuff for my blog this morning that I just take at sunrise this morning at Hilton Head. Sunrise conditions this morning at the beach were perfect for the photographs I was looking for to use on my blog.  Sunrise came up at 6:53 am this morning at Hilton head and I was out for dawn pictures as well with the same sailboat pictures as I did last night for sunset conditions. I was able to catch a pelican with the sunrise conditions this morning so I can prove that I was trying to do something new that i was trying to catch for years at the beaches in the past. AND today was the day I was able to catch a flying a pelican while the sun was going up and I caught it in mid flight with the sun behind it during sunrise which was cool to do. So this was a perfect sunrise start off at Hilton head. To BAD AL D or should the old Fart who is probably going to believe I am going to beat him in post this month and in the winter months coming up on my blog. 

Just a little humor day part 2

 Hey hey it part 2 of just a little humor day so I can AL D again while I am the beach. Here we go with part two of the series, there will be 4 parts to it so I can Al D really good. AL D: Stop chimping AL B: how about NO! Al D; Did you you smell that stench? Al B; I had tons of homemade chili  last night! AL D: oh boy I watch out for the stench! Al B: Get away from my stench! Al D; How about No! Al B: Its Totally skunk day for you to get farted on! Al D; I better watch out for the next one! Al B: Here go with stench! Al D; NO more chili for the next time on an outing with me! Al B; How about yes and i get you good again!

Just a little surprise from Today

 Hey hey its the sunset al from Hilton head reporting live just kidding. I am on vacation at the beach until November 20th for a beach trip for my 29th birthday. I took this sailboat silhouette during sunset conditions tonight at Hilton Head at the beach that is front of my condo in the hotel where I am staying at this week until Friday. I will be posting more pictures from the trip this week on my blog. So AL D what do you think about this you will beat big time in posts in November this year thanks to me!!!!

A new Improvement

 Hey Hey its Al back on this crispy fall Friday with a new post that I came up for the blog for this photograph I took today at my pond which is right across the street from me in my neighborhood. Today my new improvement was getting the fall colors with green and blue sky.  Today my goal was accomplished for fall colors with green and blue sky. It took many tries to get this photograph and kept going with it and doing some minor improvement with my photography this year. I am headed to Hilton Head, South Carolina tomorrow until Saturday November 21st. My goal for this beach trip is getting different artistic photographs of sunrise and sunsets. I am going to do a dolphin tour while I am there and I am going to Pickney Wildlife Refuge and my goal is to get Wood Stork pictures this year. This will be a post on my blog about the Pickney Wildlife Refuge and the different types of birding photographs I get during my visit there.

Mid week abstract # 2

Happy Mid week abstract # 2 on my blog. Today its the reflection on my pond of trees plus some fall colors today that I photographed a week ago to use on my blog for mid week abstracts that I am starting to do this year on the blog.  

Monday Color # 9

 Hey Hey its Monday color # 9 for the year on my blog. I hope you are enjoying this fall weather and enjoying my weekly theme on Mondays for color on my blog this year for the entire year.  The color of the day for todays color post is a mixed variety of leaf  colors for this Mondays color of my blog , that I also took at the Eno River on a photo outing with the impeccable Al D. 

Fall Friday

Hey hey its Fall Friday, but expect this year in North Carolina our peak is different this year and the leaves have begun turning brown colors while others are still not changing as much compared to past years. Take a look for yourself at the fall colors this year.   

Mid Week Abstract # 1

 Hey Hey its Al with a new theme for the year called Mid Week abstracts that I am going to do for this year on Wednesdays for the entire year until November 4,2021. I photographed this flower today which is very cool to start off this weeks Mid week abstract for the year and on my blog. I hope you all are enjoying my new weekly themes on my blog .

Just a little humor Day part 1 of 4

 Hey hey its Al with Humor day for todays blog post on humor to get AL D good on my holiday which is " Just a little humor day". Al D: Go find your stump Al B; my stump Al D; My tree Al B: My river Al D: did you catching me look at my LCD on my camera Al B: yes I did  Al D: My spider.. Go Find your own Al B; My snake and my fog!! Al D: Are you looking at the LCD before I catch you? Al B: Nope Al D; Stop looking at LCD Al B; No way old fart whippersnapper! SO I hope this enjoy this" Just a little humor day" for my holiday this week. 

COVID 19 symptoms vs Flu Symptoms vs Cold Symptoms

Since you all know we are in the COVID 19 pandemic and now  flu season in North Carolina , here  are some differences between COVID 19 symptoms and Flu symptoms and also a comparison cold symptoms.   COVID 19 is a new infection that was discovered in 2020. It started in December 2019 in China and European countries then exposing the United States to COVID 19 not long after that . It has been affecting  people since then to now in November 2020.  What is happening to the United States during this COVID pandemic , is some states are going through another spike in cases of COVID , including our state of North Carolina.  What we did in North  Carolina , to help control COVID  was  use the dimmer switch approach.  Our  Governor Copper and his leadership team have been reading up on the science behind COVID  19 and using the science to reopen  our state in dIfferent phases.  States that opened to fast having seen a rise in their cases.  North Carolina our numbers remained stable and we had a

Monday Color 8

 Happy Monday Color # 8 for my blog this week. Let's see what i choose for this week's Monday color for blog. Oh yeah it the tree with fall colors from the ENO River I took pictures of during a photo outing with AL D . who probably can't believe I am posting this for this weeks Monday color!

Here we go October

 Happy Halloween and Happy end of the month of October 2020! I decided to use this recent picture from Surf City as the end of the month post for this month. TO BAD AL D YOu will beat in posts ion the winter months of 2020-2021!!

Monday Color # 7

 Happy Monday color # 7.  For todays mondays color I am going to do a sunset that I took at the Intercoastal waterway when I was on vacation recently. The sunset produced a lot of color during this sunset conditions . I did many different shots of the sunset with a Great Blue Heron that I spotted and photographed during this sunset at the intercostal waterway in Surf City. I hope you all are staying extra safe and healthy now that COVID numbers and percentages are going up again in North Carolina. 

Beach Trip Followup from Surf City

 Hey Hey its Al . I just returned October 19 from a week at Surf City, North Carolina where I enjoyed taking photographs, doing some videos for my vimeo account and I did a lot of relaxing on a hammock on the beach. I was out for sunrise a lot during my vacation at surf city. The weather was really nice and not as humid this time.  During the sunrise shot I was up really early and I was able to get tons of photographs off coastbirds and a passing fishing boat that I got during sunset conditions and tons of pictures of the moon phase and Mars while I was there. This is a willed that I took during sunset conditions the first day I was there on vacation. The sunset condition this day was sunny and I got some proof of the sunset colors that day. Willetts are re really interesting coast birds to photograph when you are the beach. Some of them will fly off fast and some will be calm and you are able to get photographs of them. I also get pictures of pelicans during this sunset while I was th

coastbirds #8

 Hey hey its Day # 8 of coast birds for this week. Lets see what All picks out for todays post on his blog. Oh yeah another seagull I took on cape cod while I was on vacation. I really enjoy taking pictures of coast birds while I am at the beach and my emoter AL D will be very impressed with my blog posts of coast birds while I have been on vacation at Surf City for a week! 

Monday Color # 6

Happy Monday color 6 on my blog.  The color of the day for my blog this time is yellow. These are yellow flowers I also photographed at Jordan Lake with my mentor AL D during an outing there. Have a great Monday to start off this week!

coast birds 7

 Hey hey its Coastbnirds # 7 of 8 for the week of coast birds. This is an osprey I took at cape cod in 2019 while I was visiting cape cod and I was on a national Audobon Society Birding beach and got tons of pictures of birds while I was there on vacation. 

coast birds 6

Hey hey its coast bird 4 of 7 for the weekly theme this time. Lets see what Al pickets this time for the blog post it sanderlings for this saturday on my blog.

Coastbirds 5

Hey Hey its Coast birds 5 of the week on my blog. Lets see what I chose for todays blog post for the coast birds theme.    It's a another laughing gull that I took at Topsail  Beach in 2017 for my usage in blog for may coast bird collection.  I hope you are enjoying my blogging post of coast birds this week while I am at Surf City on vacation at the Beach enjoying it and taking tons of new pictures of the coasts and coast birds and sunrises and sunsets. 

coast birds 4

Hey hey its coast birds 4 of 8 for the blog . Lets see what Al choses for this day for the coast bird theme. This is a snowy egret I also photographed in Florida on a vacation. I am using this for todays blog post for the coast bird week theme.

Coast birds 3

Its Coastbird day 3 of 7 for the blog since I am at the beach for a week and doing a coastal bird week which is related to the beach. Lets see what i pick out for todays coastal bird day for number 3. Oh yeah its the Brown Pelican I photographed in Florida while I was there on vacation for a week as well. I hope everyone is enjoying my coastal bird week.

Coastbirds 2

Hey hey its Coast birds 2 of 7 for the blog of the week of coast birds. Let's see what todays coast bird is for the blog today. Oy yeah its Royal Tern tuesday for today. Lets see if i can photograph more Royal Terns at Surf City on my vacation at the beach.

Mars Monday

 Hey Hey its the Mars Rover Al just kdding. I got this amazing picture of Mars tonight from my vacation spot at surf city. Hope you all are enjoying seeing mars this month.

Coastbirds 1

Hey its coast birds week since I am the beach for a week. These are laughing gulls I decided to photograph at Topsial Beach during a sunrise shot there. The laughing gulls can be found in the coasts areas of North Carolina.