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Hatching of Prey Mantis!!

Hey Hey its AL back with an exciting news from my house today!  I have successfully, I have had 1 prey mantis egg sack today that hatched finally . I put 4 up in February 2020 and one hatched today which was amazing to watch and I got many pictures of them hatching from the egg sack today. These are chins baby matins that recently had this morning and I got several different shots of them playing with each other after they were born out of the egg sack. I have been waiting many years for the successfully hatching and it finally happened today! I got some portrait shots of them as well when they emerged from the egg sack as well. I am looking forward to documenting and photographing the Chinese Mantis in the different life cycles this year and hopefully I get some more hatching pictures this week.

Its spring!

Hey Hey, its Al back from a mental break from the blog. I wanted to let you all know My gym,  O2 Falconbridge, finally closed its doors on St. Patricks Day last week. This corona virus has gotten many people in North Carolina and there's over 300 cases already but back to the spring business on the blog. As many of you know, spring has already to started here in Central North Carolina Finally. I have been taking the advantage of this warm summer like weather  to  finally go outside because I am not working till how knows when at this rate because of the corona virus. I have been adventuring out taking many different sights of spring at my neighborhood pond and neighborhood a lot because I can't work for a long time finally. I got a a molting of a spider finally at sunset conditions a few days back which was very cool to see and I had never photographed a spider in the molting stages before, so this was new for me as a nature photographer . This was a special mom