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Sunset 7

The final sunset for this weeks theme. I took this sunset at Jordan Lake with my mentor and we even go to see the full moon rise and photograph it as well. Which was pretty cool to photograph both at Jordan Lake. Stayed tuned for another theme week in the blog called sunrise week in April 2019.

Sunset 6

Happy sunset day 6 ! I took this sunset in Canada when I was on vacation for a week in October of 2014. Hard to believe its been over 5 years since i took this picture. I am hoping to go back to Canada someday and get some more pictures there!

Sunset 5

Wahoo its Day 5 of 7 for my sunset theme week.  I took this photo at the same location as the last one that i did for my day 4.  I took this photograph in December 2017.

Story time 1

 Happy story time 1.  Wahoo a new theme on Wednesday since theres not a lot to photograph yet but sometime this month there will be. Today I am going to talk about the story of the Snowy egret that caught a fish on Ormond Beach. The story goes I was out on the beach looking for wildlife and especially coastal birds around the coast area of Florida that I have not photographed. I came upon this Snowy Egret who gave me good poses while I photographed this Snowy Egret. Just like that the egret caught the fish and almost had it and dropped it and it swam back to the ocean and survived. By the way the Snowy Egret was unhappy that his dinner went away and that the fish survived.  Let's see what next weeks story time is shall we. So i can beat Al D to it.

Sunset 4

Happy Sunset Day 4. I took the sunset at my neighborhood pond in the Falconbridge neighborhood where I have been living here now almost 15 years. I took this sunset on February 1, 2017. Hope everyone is enjoying this theme so far. 3 more days of this themed week.

Sunset 3

Happy Sunset Day 3 for my blog. I took this sunset with my mentor Al D on a sunset shot outing at Lake Jordan. This picture was taken in 2017. Hope you all are enjoying my sunset theme week!

Birding Photography 21

Happy Birding day 21. Wahoo!  Today we are going to talk about the Cedar Waxwing I photographed in February this year at my neighborhood pond. They can be found in eastern North Carolina during the winter months. Cedar Waxwings are silky brown color and crest. They have yellow - tipped tail and dark mask. They have yellowish color bellies and white tail under covers. . Their call is a a simple series of high sreee notes in a irregular rhythm. The call is also very clear  and thin call. Their arial call if a predator is nearby is an alarming piercing seeeew similar to thrusters calls for an alarming call.

Sunset 2

 Another  Sunset for this weeks theme.  I took this sunset at Five oaks pond where my godmother lives in 2018. I have not posted this photograph on a sunset week theme before until now. Have a great Monday !

Sunset 1

Another themed week for my blog in the spring called Sunset week for 7 days I will be posting different sunsets I have done. Todays Sunset is in on Lake Lure in the mountains of North Carolina. I took this photograph in July 2017. I wanted to put this up on my blog for so long. But now I have put it up for my sunset week theme for March! I hope everyone is having a great sunday