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Wednesday Color 19

This weeks color wednesday is a bull frog i photographed back in 2014 at my neighborhood pond. Hope everyone is enjoying hearing all the frogs at night during the summer time!

Wedding Photography

Happy wedding Day to my best friends Matthew and Laura who recently got married on June 4th. I have the couples permission to post this on my blog about Wedding Photography. This was my very first time ever doing Wedding Photography and by the way its different than other types of photography I am into. They are a very kind, sweet, and very loving couple that are part of my life now. Congratulations Laura and Matthew on getting married!!

Wednesday Color 18

Heres Wednesday Color 18 taken at Lake Gaston. Its an Osprey hunting for fish and acutely i got to see it do it in real and photograph it. It was very interesting to see this in the wild and capture it on camera. Hope you are having a great start off to June !