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Just something cool to see at last

The picture you see is a picture of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins taken at Virginia beach during my vacation. I enjoyed taking pictures of these Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins and its very cool to photograph and see them near the shore here in Virginia Beach. Some of the Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins would play with each other and some would jump and do tricks in the water which I captured some cool photos of that behavior for Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. This was a very cool photogenic experience for me to photograph Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins during my vacation at Virginia Beach. I will be doing another post about my trip this weekend so you can see more photographs I took during my vacation at Virginia Beach.

End of month sunset

Its Halloween and its the end of the Month of October.. Happy Halloween everyone.. I took this sunset at Virginia Beach to end this months abstract ahead of Al D mr. walkabout who has not posted his end of month abstract. So I am ahead of him again. tomorrow is already November can you believe it !                     My birthday is 24 days away so I will be celebrating all month long till my birthday!!!

Birding Photography 3

This is the male mallard duck. It is in the waterfoul family and can be found in ponds, marshes and rivers. The male does a reev call and the female makes a quacking sound which is pretty cool for  mallard ducks.

Birding Photography 2

Todays birding photography is about the American Black Duck aka the mallard female duck that has the ducklings in the spring. They are in the waterfoul family. They can be found in ponds , rivers and marshes. They are resident in North Carolina. I captured this in September this year. I also captured the mating of of the male and female duck this past spring. Which I will post at the end of the year post to come on December 31st.

Right Conditions for Sunset

I took advantage of doing sunset conditions to see what colors it would produce during sunset conditions with the sunflowers. It was very intelligent sunset with brilliant shades of yellow, orange and pink. I added the sunflower to make a compositional element to it to make it creative. I hope to get more sunset conditions like this this winter

The Bandit

This is a banded water snake that was beginning to shed for its new skin for protection. I took this picture at the Eno River in Durham .  Its had a milky eye which means it was begging to shed. The story goes.. I step on a twig that the snake was on.. It hid in the twigs and my mentor decided to pick it up and it started using its defensive mode on him and bit him and it wouldn't let go of him. Heres the Sequence of Pictures from the snakes defense mode: The bloody mess on my mentors hand from the bite of the snake.

Birding Photography 1

This afternoon I did some birding photography around my neighborhood pond.. I captured this Carolina Wren . its in the wren family. I used my slow drill that my mentor has taught me a lot  doing wildlife photograph and practicing it a lot these days for wildlife and birding especially. I captured the Carolina Wren,  singing and perching for me as i took its photograph for this migration season which is just around the corner. The next bird , I captured today was an Eastern Bluebird. I took the advantage of taking three bluebirds in one photograph featured here. They are very common in this area of North Carolina. Then I captured I brown Nuthatch. This is the very fist one I have photographed for this birding season and I hope this Brown Nuthatch returns this winter so I can get some  more pictures of it in the snow. Hope everyone is enjoying this fall weather finally and hopefully we don't get another hurricane soon!

Another One Bites the Dust

This time is another sunset I took with my mentor Al D or walkabout. This was taken at his neighborhood pond. The conditions were perfect for sunset conditions and taking advantage of them was perfect to do photographs of the sunset along with the sunflowers once again.