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Birding story 14

Hey hey its birding story # 14 already . Lets see how much longer this theme will keep going this year shall we see if I can keep it going for a year this time. This week, on birding stories, we are going to talk about the story of this willed I took at the national wildlife shores that I was staying in for a week during my school reunion week. Heres how the story goes for this birding story this week. This willed was on the beach taking its time around all the breakers which means waves trying to see what it could find for catching that day. The first thing it caught and dug up something from the ground that looked like a clam to eat . Then the willed ate it. Then of sudden, it got spooked and decided to fly away in the waves and I got pictures of it flying away.

Birding story 13

Lets see what i picked out for birding story for this week shall we see what it is for this week. Oh look, Its a Canadian Geese this week, Yeah my other favorite bird to photograph at my neighborhood pond. Heres how the story goes. This canadian geese decided to fly around to see what the other geese where up to on the other side of the pond and decided to land next to them and see what was happening around him with the other geese. The other geese decided to hang around him and not cause any trouble with him. Some of the others decided to hionk at one another while this was not doing it to the other geese around him or her. He was being very laid back compared to the other geese that were surrounding him or her around the pond.

Birding story 12

Hey hey not another story time of the birds. Lets see what Al picks picks out for this weeks birding story # 12. Oh look its the osprey  carrying a fish from Jordan Lake to its nest. Heres how the story goes, this osprey on Jordan Lake was hunting around to see what kind of fish it could hunt for in the waters of Jordan Lake to bring back to its nest some where far away or nearby to the nest. I was finally able to capture this osprey doing its hunting around the lake and capture a fish that it took away to its nest for the female Osprey to feed on. Lets see what I pick out for birding story # 13 for next week shall we see.

Winter Wildlife Part 3 cont.

 Hey Hey its Al with Winter Wildlife 3 continued. Its has been a fantastic start off to 2020 for me as wildlife photographer. Today it was 70 degrees which is very uncommon for January wether here in Central North Carolina. I adventured out to my neighborhood pond to see what was going on at my pond today and I spotted many water turtles that came out today because  of the hot weather we had today.  I also spotted my first Rough Black Snake which is the first picture. I got several good poses of the black snake and  got a good a head  shot of him for the blog and my personal usage . I also spotted a pair of Northern Flickers today and got several good shots of both the Male and Female Flickers together. So far it looks like this winter for photography for wildlife is off to amazing start. Stay tuned in for next weeks Winter Wildlife part5 . Until then enjoy this warm summer like weather for the next few days because next week its going to snow and I might get some pictures

Winter Wildlife 3

 Hey hey I am back for winter wildlife # 3 dir theme of the winter months , Wahoo. This is a painted Turtle taken back in December 2019 at Mason Land Preseve this time on the blog. Painted turtlesand or other water turtles sometimes never come out at the winter time , but on this day which was 60 degrees they came out for the first time this winter because we were going through a hot spell this winter, which is sometimes common for North Carolina to have the warm spells in the winter time but in other years in this past this did not occur. The next picture you see is an Eastern Flying Squirrel which is common here in North Carolina and I have got many photographs of these squirrels doing funny poses or eating pine cones off the trees , which is very cool to photograph.

Birding story 11

Hey hey it Ans with another birding story for the week. Today we are going to talk about this Great Blue Heron catching fish. I recently took this photograph at my neighborhood pond on January 1, 2020. The story goes this great blue heron was looking around at the pond to see what it could hunt for in the afternoon. In a matter of a few minutes it found its first fish and caught it and ate it and then a few moments later it searched again for another fish to catch and hunted for it again and caught its dinner for the day. A few people scared off the heron and then it flew to the other side of the pond where it continued to hunt for fish in the beginning of 2020. It did not get spooked again from the people that had spooked it from before and continued to hunt until sunset.

Winter Wildlife Part 2

 Hey, Hey its Al Bugg from winter Wildlife studios. Today is winter wildlife part 2. Yeah! I got out a few days back at the end of 2019 and got different photographs of different spices of wildlife that are residents in my neighborhood pond. The top photo is a Male hooded Merganser. They are uncommon around here but in the winter, they do fly in flocks, they like to be on open waters such as wooded ponds which I have here in this neighborhood, swamps, tidal creeks. The second wildlife, I photographed was a Turkey Volture which are very common around here in the piedmont region of North Carolina. I have been trying many times to get pictures of them comedown and capturing prey, which I still have not one but maybe this year will be the year it finally happens and I might get some pictures of it, If I am around the area when this occurs. These are Mallards which are also common around here in the piedmont region of North Carolina. I did photograph some last year when I

Moon Phase Monday 1

This is a brand new theme, that I have been wanting to do for the past year but never got around doing it. So this year in 2020 is the year this theme is going to happen finally on my blog. For the first Moon Phase Monday theme I am going to do is a waxing crescent moon. This is the begging of stages toward the first quarter moon which happened yesterday but I did not get a chance to photograph it because it was to dang cloudy outside. My goal this year on Moon Phase Monday is to get different stages f the moons and the full moons along with what they mean in astronomy terms and all that jazz which will be cool to put on the blog this year. Stayed informed with my new themes that are just starting this year.

Birding Story 10

Happy 2020 everybody welcome back to another story for my blog post yeah. Todays story comes from December 2019, last year infant which is cool. I decided to do the particular photo on this story time because its the beginning of 2020.  Heres the story for this weeks adventure of birding stories. The Great Blue Heron which is at my neighborhood pond a lot was hunting for fish and I decided to go ahead and get many pictures of this Great Blue Heron catching fish. It caught 7 fish in one day, which amazed me and I never had seen this Great Blue Heron catch so many fish in one day at my neighborhood pond. Then the Great Blue Heron flew to another section of my neighborhood pond containing to hunt fish and caught even more.

Winter Wildlife Part 1

Hey Hey its Al with a new seasonal them for Wednesdays  for winter called Winter Wildlife Wednesday.  I will be doing this theme throughout the winter months. These pictures for this week are from an outing that I did with the Walkabout Al D and he has different posts about this trip and the winter captive pars 1 & 2 on his blog but I am doing something totally different on my blog this year for the winter months. When me and my mentor adventured down to Jordan Lake for a sunset shot that day, We saw many Double Crested Comorants , which typically like this part of Jordan Lake. We also managed to see tons of seagulls along with hearing a passing great blue heron, which we did not get a chance to photograph it because it was too far away from us to see it or get any photographs of it. Hope everyone is enjoying 2020 so far, I am enjoying it a lot and hope to get more wildlife pictures during the winter this year and hopefully my prediction for snow this year is right