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Friday Color

Hey Everybody I am back and posting again after weeks and weeks of not posting anything.  So I am bringing back a theme that I ruined months and months ago for this Friday called Friday color this time. I decided to be snarky this time against my mentor and post something before he comes back from his beach trip. To the left you see a sunset I recently did last Saturday may 13th. The conditions were just right for the sunset that day. So i decided to use a new filter I got just in the past few months to check out how it works with sunrise and sunset colors. I looked like it came out awesome from the filter and my use of my knowledge of sunset conditions. The last color photo I am posting was done on May 13th also. I did macro work to show this baby bumble on the flower floating around trying to find pollen.

Lightning storm and frogs

Here we go another post about Lightning and Frogs. This night on May 11, I was tracking  lightning storms on the real time lightning tracker when at 9 pm, I got a call from my photography mentor that said " Hey theres lightning in the area and I am coming right away to pick you up". So I quickly got my camera and equipment ready to go for this photo opportunity to photograph a lightning storm again. This lightning storm in particular was a little bit different from the others I had previously photographed with my mentor. This one however, was producing inner cloud lightning which is cool to photograph. I went to the manual mode and set it to bulb on the F8 to make the image sharper and used ISO 250 for the exposures.  Right after the storm had passed, my mentor and I heard many frogs including tree frogs and other wildlife in the area. So i decided to do a macro shot on this green tree frog to show its calling which is pretty cool to photograph.

A rare visitor today

 Today when I got off work, I returned home to my house to find the common snapping turtle which was lost and made its way to my house under a bush. I have never seen a common snapping turtle this big in the bushes near my house. I got several good shots of this snapping turtle which were the very first pictures of May this year. This common snapping turtles can be found in ponds but not near anybody house. But if rains like it did last week, water turtles can be missed placed from the natural habitat to a new habitat. Snapping turtles have a defense called snapping. You have to be extra cautious and careful when you are around these turtles. I have held many box turtles and some small water turtles in the past. BUT not a snapping turtle since I don't want to get bitten by one. I have to agree this was a very rare occasion to see this common snapping turtle near my house. I hope everyone had a great Monday and Happy May 1st everyone !!