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End of April Color

Here we go its the end of April! Its MayDay tomorrow also known to others as May 1st. I decided to post a new thing on the blog called end of month colors which is pretty cool for this time for the blog. Today it national food thrice day. which means it people can do thing more than twice on this day. I ventured out to my local neighborhood pond to do some end of month pictures. I stumbled upon a northern female cardinal which is pictured above on the edge of the pond trying to get into to drink from the water source here. Then I photographed this beautiful honeysuckle flower hanging from a branch of the tree where its located to get vibrant colors. Certainly last, I photographed the reflection of the pond with some clouds to make a cool abstract photo for reflections to use as my last photograph for the blog. I hope everyone is enjoying this warm like summer weather we are having this week.

Spring Color Week 2

Its another spring color week.. Wahoo for spring colors.. What a magical part of the year it is in spring for warm weather and photographic opportunities now. Heres another snapshot from this spring taken at Five oaks Pond where its green and pollen covered everywhere on the edge of the pond. This is a cattail, its mostly found in ponds around this area. The can sometimes have frogs that can been seen on them. Here to left is a common Tufted Titmouse. It is a songbird that can be found in this region of North Carolina. They are wonderful and pretty song birds to photograph. For most of you, I know , I have updated the blog with some new pages of information. Have a great week and Easter Weekend!

Spring Color Week 1

Its a new theme for the blog this year and its called Spring Color week for spring this year. I decided to do something different this year for the seasons this time around instead of Wednesday color. Here you can see a water turtle sunning himself in my neighborhood pond. Azaleas the most beautiful spring flower there is in this area of North Carolina. One of many wildflowers found in my neighborhood pond area But at last we have the Purple water lily that can be found in pond areas around this area in North Carolina.