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End of Month Abstract for April

The end of the month abstract I did for this month of the end of April is pollen taken at my neighborhood pond. I took the advantage a few weeks ago to do the artistic  end of month abstract for this months end of month. This very different than the end of March post I did about the full moon to end march.      I can't believe tomorrow is May 1st and Its almost feels like summer already!!

Friday Florida Coast Birds 4

Its Friday and its Florida Coast Birds 4. Todays Florida coast bird is the Sanderling. They can be found in the coasts of Florida and reside their from September to April. Their range is August to April in coastal beaches along beaches in Florida. The sanderling runs ahead of waves in the ocean. They are usually found 10- 20 parties.  Have a great weekend everyone !  

Friday Florida Coast Birds 3

Todays florid coast bird picture is the Great Blue Heron. The Great Blue Heron resides in  Florida but sometimes it can be found on the ocean coastline. I took the advantage of finding this Great Blue Heron on the beach in Florida and getting great photos of their Great Blue Heron. Tune in next week for more Florida Coast Birds for Friday!

Friday Florida Coast birds # 2

Todays Florida Coast bird for Friday is the Brown Pelican. The latin name for the Brown Pelican is Pelecanus occidenentalis. There length is 4 feet, 2 inches and they have a wing span of 7 feet and 6 inches. Adult bodies and wings are grayish brown, head white, with yellowish wash on the crown and their bill is long.   They often rest in trees just like the Great Blue Heron. Flies with slow and V formation  or glides to long distances. Their voice is usually soft and silent and uses low grunts at their nesting sites. Their habitat is in the ocean, bays and esturuaries and few of the brown pelicans wonder to inland.. They can be found on all on the coastal areas of Florida and they are very common to see and photograph in Florida.

Friday Florida Birds # 1

Todays Friday Florida coast bird is the Royal Tern also known as Stena Niltatica. They are in the gull and Tern family.   They are 20 inches and they have a Pale silvery above, white below that, primaries tipped dark grey . Their bill is orange colored . They have fairly short  and thick legs and their tail is black. Winter adults have fore crown white , rear crown black rested.. Summer adults cap black crested.. The royal tern flies high when feeding . The can nest in colonies up to 10,000 birds on sandy islets .. Imange all those royal terns together in on sandy islets and getting tons of photographs of them. Their voice is a loud high harsh keeeeerr. The can be found in all beaches and waters in Florida and some make to inland which is rare.