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What did 2018 Bring us for nature Photography

Its the end of 2018. Happy almost 2019! January 2018: February 2018:  March 2018: April 2018: May 2018: June 2018: July 2018: August 2018 September 2018: October 2018: November 2018: December 2018: 

Birding Photography 12

Happy birding Photography 12. Today we are going to talk about the Eastern Bluebird. The color vareriants of the male bluebird and the female bluebird are very different. The male is brilliant blue above, throat and chest. sides are orangeish color. Female has a blue grey head, back is scaled dark brown. It perches on wires and tree limbs. Its call is very musical to hear when you hear it call.  Its a resident in the southern party of the united states. Have an awesome New Years Eve and Evening and Party like its 2019 already!

Another throwback from 2011

Heres a picture from 2011 I took in Myrtle Beach on this day from 2011. Int has been 7 years since i did this  silhouette of a horse and horse back rider in the ocean at myrtle beach. I will be posting more throwback pictures in 2019.

Flashback to 2017

Another blast from the past. But this one is cool type of photograph I took of icy conditions in my neighborhood pond 1 year ago today. Its amazing to see how far I have come in photography since I started doing digital photography in 2009.

A flashback sunset at Myrtle Beach 2011

Heres a flashback sunset I did at Myrtle Beach when I was vacation there 7 years ago. I was there enjoying the ocean and photography that I wanted to do while I was on vacation and especially on New years eve 2011 to the beginning of 2012. I enjoy taking pictures of sunsets and sunrises everywhere I am on vacation and when I am not on vacation.

A flashback from a year ago

Hey Hey .. Its the day after Christmas. Hope you all had a great Merry Christmas. I am throwing back a picture of a Great Blue Heron I took a year ago on this day for the blog. This is a pretty cool that I am starting some  throwbacks into the blog again for this year and next year.

Throwback on Christmas to a full moon

I wanted to a throwback on this day to a full moon, which I took on this day in 2015. Its been three years since this full moon was on Christmas and before that was  on my 24th Birthday that same year. This was incredible to catch both full moons on the same day a month apart from each other, which was rare but very cool to photograph them that year.

Another Throwback to 2016

Hey, Hey its another flashback from the past. I took this the sharp shinned Hawk eating a mouse. This was taken in my backyard on December 24, 2016. Hard to believe I took this picture 2 years ago already. Maybe this Red Shouldered Hawk will yet return again this year so I can get more pictures of it in my backyard. Have a Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!

Birding Photography 11

Happy Birding Photography 11. Wahoo number 11 which is amazing for this theme on going. This a Turkey Vulture and  they are in the american vulture family. They can be found in woods and fields. The call of the turkey vulture is grunts and hisses and usually silent. They are resident in the Southeastern part of the United States. I have photographed many turkey vultures during the past couple of years doing many different things such as their territory marks . Hope everyone is ready for the new year soon!!

Merry Christmas!!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. I can't believe how fast 2018 is coming to a close in 6 days. Which means at midnight  on December 31st 2018 will go timber just like the song and 2019 will begin at midnight. Yeah my favorite year so far was 2018 maybe next year too. Hope we have more snow in January 2019 in North Carolina! Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone !!

Lets dig in the stockpile for today for winter solstice

Happy winter solstice 2018. Today I am going to dig into my stockpile for photographs for today as it the shortest day of the year. This is a grey catbird I took at my neighborhood pond a few days ago before the winter  solstice so I could post it up for today. This is also a photograph I took at my neighborhood pond. I heard the call of this woodpecker and i knew the call that it was a Downy Woodpecker.  This a downy woodpecker on a branch while it was pecking at it. These are canadian geese which I also photographed at my neighborhood pond a few days ago as well to post up on the blog for this day.

Sunset Conditions

 The sunset conditions were ideal for this day for me as a nature photographer. I went outside that afternoon to my neighborhood pond to see what I could photograph at the point of the year for my pictures for the winter of 2018-2019. The sunset was beautiful but I had to deal with the conditions which it had produced during the sunset. I had to underexpose a lot to keep the light of the sunset colors golden.  I have got many different sunset and sunrise conditions during my nature photography which I do in my free time . Hope you all got to see the sunset on this beautiful December day!

Birding Photography 10

Hoot Hoot its Birding Photography 10. Todays birding photography post is about the Barred Owl.  I photographed this Barred Owl at Mason Land Preserve in Chapel Hill with my mentor Al D or go on his blog . You will find more about his writing essay and photography and all that jazz.                                                                    Now back to the Barred Owl . The barred Owl is resident in the southeast. It can be found in woods and sometimes in trees and on limbs just like this one was at Mason land Preserve.   They have a familiar call to a lot of owl spotters which is hoo notes.

Snow storm Diego!!

Welcome back everyone to the winter storm of Diego a recap of it. This snowstorm Diego was predicted to hit the Central part of North Carolina on Sunday, December 9, 2018 with tremendous amounts of snow, sleet and even freezing rain. I have been out the last three days photographing the snow and even during the snow storm on Sunday and Monday to get pictures that I did not get last year when we had the snow storm in January 2018. The snowfall totals around the central area of North Carolina from Snow Diego were: Person County: 14 inches Wake County: 8-9 inches (in parts) Alamance County: 11 inches Durham County: 12 inches to 14 inches Granville/Vance County: 10 inches  Orange County: 10.5 inches  Halifax County: 7 inches Johnston County: 3.8 inches Chatham County: 8.6 inches Franklin County: 11 inches This was another major snow storm in 2018. Hope everyone stayed warm and safe during this winter storm weather we had this week.

Birding Photography 9

Happy Birding day 9 on my blog. This is Brown Pelican that I also photographed at Ormond Beach .They are in the pelican family. They can be found in oceans, bays, estuaries, few wader inland. The brown pelican feeds on fish They are a resident in Florida and very common on the coastal areas of Florida.

Birding Photography 8

Happy Birding Day!  This is common Ring - Billed Gull that I photographed during sunset conditions at Ormond Beach, Florida.  They are in the gull and tern family and the latin name for them is Larus articilla. They can be found in all coast areas of Florida. There voice is high pitched. Sunset conditions are great times to capture birds .

November is out of here !

Happy last day of November. Well its been a great November of 2018. I had a blast on my 27th Birthday photographing planes at RDU International Airport from the Observation Deck. So now its time to depart from November to December. Have an awesome December

Birding Photography 7

Happy Birding day. Its my 7th post on birding photography. Today we are going to talk about the Double- Creasted Cormorant. I took this Double- Creasted Cormorant at Jordan Lake. They can be found on the coasts and large bodies of inland water and they are a resident in on the Atlantic Coast and local inland. They can be found inland from April to October. But they are most popular at the coast. The voice of the Double Creasted Cormorant is silent but croaks at the nest which is very cool.

Birding Photography 6

Happy Birding Photography 6. And six days till my 27th Birthday. The white Ibis isin the Ibis family and can be found in the coastal areas of North Carolina. Its is on the coastal region of our state, North Carolina, from May until September. It can be found in tidal mudflats, beaches, marshes , swamps and watersides. The voice of the White Ibis is a Nasal hunk and quiet. I took this White Ibis photography at Peas Island National Wildlife Refuge in the Outer banks of North Carolina in March 2018. So this a recent trip I did this past March to the outer banks.

Birding Photography 5

Happy Birding Photography. Today ,lets talk about the Great Blue Heron for this week.   The Great Blue heron is in the heron family. They have a harsh call. They are very local breeder to this area of North Carolina and to the region.  The Great Blue Heron can be found in all salt water and fresh water areas and some ponds.  I have taken a pair of Great Blue Herons at Jordan Lake in the past year during sunset conditions against the colors which was very cool to do that.

Birding Photography 4

Happy Birding Photography 4. Today I am going to talk about the Osprey, which is a very cool bird to photograph especially if it catches a fish which I am still trying to do that. That is one of my goals for next spring to capture an osprey catching a fish in my neighborhood pond. The osprey is in the hawk and eagle family. How cool is that for this bird to be in that family! They can be found at lakes, sometimes ponds and rivers. The osprey is resident of the coast but can be found in the inland part of North Carolina as well.

Just something cool to see at last

The picture you see is a picture of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins taken at Virginia beach during my vacation. I enjoyed taking pictures of these Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins and its very cool to photograph and see them near the shore here in Virginia Beach. Some of the Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins would play with each other and some would jump and do tricks in the water which I captured some cool photos of that behavior for Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. This was a very cool photogenic experience for me to photograph Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins during my vacation at Virginia Beach. I will be doing another post about my trip this weekend so you can see more photographs I took during my vacation at Virginia Beach.

End of month sunset

Its Halloween and its the end of the Month of October.. Happy Halloween everyone.. I took this sunset at Virginia Beach to end this months abstract ahead of Al D mr. walkabout who has not posted his end of month abstract. So I am ahead of him again. tomorrow is already November can you believe it !                     My birthday is 24 days away so I will be celebrating all month long till my birthday!!!

Birding Photography 3

This is the male mallard duck. It is in the waterfoul family and can be found in ponds, marshes and rivers. The male does a reev call and the female makes a quacking sound which is pretty cool for  mallard ducks.

Birding Photography 2

Todays birding photography is about the American Black Duck aka the mallard female duck that has the ducklings in the spring. They are in the waterfoul family. They can be found in ponds , rivers and marshes. They are resident in North Carolina. I captured this in September this year. I also captured the mating of of the male and female duck this past spring. Which I will post at the end of the year post to come on December 31st.

Right Conditions for Sunset

I took advantage of doing sunset conditions to see what colors it would produce during sunset conditions with the sunflowers. It was very intelligent sunset with brilliant shades of yellow, orange and pink. I added the sunflower to make a compositional element to it to make it creative. I hope to get more sunset conditions like this this winter

The Bandit

This is a banded water snake that was beginning to shed for its new skin for protection. I took this picture at the Eno River in Durham .  Its had a milky eye which means it was begging to shed. The story goes.. I step on a twig that the snake was on.. It hid in the twigs and my mentor decided to pick it up and it started using its defensive mode on him and bit him and it wouldn't let go of him. Heres the Sequence of Pictures from the snakes defense mode: The bloody mess on my mentors hand from the bite of the snake.

Birding Photography 1

This afternoon I did some birding photography around my neighborhood pond.. I captured this Carolina Wren . its in the wren family. I used my slow drill that my mentor has taught me a lot  doing wildlife photograph and practicing it a lot these days for wildlife and birding especially. I captured the Carolina Wren,  singing and perching for me as i took its photograph for this migration season which is just around the corner. The next bird , I captured today was an Eastern Bluebird. I took the advantage of taking three bluebirds in one photograph featured here. They are very common in this area of North Carolina. Then I captured I brown Nuthatch. This is the very fist one I have photographed for this birding season and I hope this Brown Nuthatch returns this winter so I can get some  more pictures of it in the snow. Hope everyone is enjoying this fall weather finally and hopefully we don't get another hurricane soon!