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A flashback from today A year ago

Taken exactly a year ago today a Northern Water Snake in my neighborhood pond. Which was very cool to post this today exactly from the day this picture of the Northern Water Snake was taken. Peace Out everyone!

End of September Abstract

Its hards to believe fall has already begun again and its the end of September already. The end of September Abstract, t this year is the tree stump probably many of you have seen on my blog in the past. But this time it was different abstract to it for this month. So I decided to photograph the stump with a growth coming up it and a nut which probably a squirrel had earlier in the day for it snack. Int was very cool to photograph this time. Hope you are enjoy the beauty of fall already with cooler temperatures on the way!

Wet and Wild

Today I decide to call this Post "Wet and Wild", just like the water park in Greensboro. I got a phone call by photography mentor to do lightning storm photos tonight. By the time we got to his pond the storm was in fully charging with bolts but the rain did not stop us then. At the first location I used ISO  400 and the manual bulb mode to do this shot at my photography mentors pond, right across from were he lives. By the time it had started raining we decided to pack up from his pond location. We then went to  my pond location at my neighborhood We got really good lightning photos at my neighborhood pond. In these photographs done at my pond I used the Manual mode again with the ISO set to 250 which is good for capturing lightning at night. Including some cloud bolt shots with them just like these, that i am about to show you readers that read my blog. Hope everyone got some sleep with this thunderstorm that lasted till 3 'clock in the morning.

Wednesday Color # 21

Its Wednesday Color # 21. Today I decided to use the Swallowtail butterfly for this weeks color Wednesday.  This swallowtail butterfly was taken at the NC Botanical Gardens where I photographed many other creatures and macro work that day in with my photography mentor.  I can't believe September is almost gone and the fall colors are begging already. 

Wednesday Color #20

Its finally back up for Wednesday Color. I haven't Wednesdays color posts for such a longtime. I thought I would bring it back again. Todays Wednesday color #20 is a water lily also know in the scientific name is Nymphaea. I took this water lily picture acutely in the North Carolina Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill this month. Theres a post about the botanical gardens I did. I decided to over expose this photo to make the water lily stand out more during the sunshine of the day. More Wednesday colors to come.

To cheer everyone: A flashback from last years march thunderstorm

As you know it the Tropical Rainstorm Julia brought heavy downpours and thunderstorms to the area earlier today and it remains a tropical rainstorm near the coastline of North Carolina. I wonder how many more hurricanes will be making landfall soon enough? We will just see how many storms are left this season with names.  Now another tropical storm has formed and its name is Karl. The storm position is  19.3 North and 49.2 west.The winds of this storm are 50 M.P.H.  Hopefully this tropical storm does not make landfall on the North Carolina Coastline soon. We have had 13 named hurricanes that made landfall  so far this season which is very different than last years Hurricane Season. Todays post is throwback thunderstorm taken over a year ago. The location I was at was a pond behind the Petsmart in Durham, NC with My mentor. This lightning storm was at night which means for dry lightning pictures which is very cool to photograph lightning at night.  I  thought of it earlier tod

Harvest Moon

Heres some more astronomy photography for the blog this week. Tonight we had a Harvest Moon which is very cool to photograph. It is called the Harvest Moon because farmers at their farms can continue harvesting the crops in the late of the night will the light of the harvest moon which is also very cool. I did some cool photography of the harvest moon. Hope you all got to see the harvest moon tonight and got pictures of it.  Enjoy the rest of the night with the harvest moon!

Back in the Botanical Gardens

Today I adventured out to the Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill with my photography mentor. Which he is not going to win the blog completion this time. This time I am beating the Old Hurricane to it also referred to  as Al D. Today I am the post master. Today was the first time I have seen a Rough Green Snake in a long time for me. The last time I saw one was 1999 in Warrantor,  NC with my dad. We saw different types of spiders including a crab spider and many more different types of spiders, a rough green snake,  many butterflies and , frogs , a hummingbird   and hummingbird mouth today while we were there today. We also spotted two anoles  while were there and taking close ups of them as well. Hope everyone is enjoying this summer like weather.

Beach Trip Follow up

 I am back from extra special trip from Carolina Beach. I got back yesterday morning. As you can see in the photos I did this time, I was there in the evening when the sunset was occurring and of course seeing the moon. I photographed the moon with the dunes which was pretty cool to do for a composition at the beach. If you do the Dunes with the beach in the background it makes a really cool photograph to remember the beach by. I am getting much better at seascape photography now better than I was back in the days . The next photographs I did were Seascape landscape photograph which is also very interesting to do. You can See I had to under expose to keep the golden sunset colors so you can see them better.  I have learned that you have to under expose the colors a lot in the sky too keep them colorful as they look in the sky when the sunrise or sunset occurs.   I had a great trip down to Carolina Beach, tanning in the sun, playing in the sand and photographing the bea

Back at my beach stomping grounds

I am finally on a vacation at Carolina Beach, while my mentor has to work for Auto Zone. Yeah I know Old Hurricane Al D.  He is probably going to see this later on tonight on my blog. I have been photographing here at Carolina Beach for a a long time which is very cool.  I have been doing sunrise photography and many  different types of photography at the beach while I am here. As you can see above the Pelicans were hanging out in the early afternoon .  I decided to photograph them on the pier post just doing their thing . I have photographed Pelicans here before but at a different location at Carolina Beach where we used to rent the Booker Cottage. As you can see with the dune picture  here , I used  dunes as a lead in to the beach scene which is very cool to do in some beach photography. I am getting better at my beach photography now.