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Beach Trip Followup from Surf City

 Hey Hey its Al . I just returned October 19 from a week at Surf City, North Carolina where I enjoyed taking photographs, doing some videos for my vimeo account and I did a lot of relaxing on a hammock on the beach.

I was out for sunrise a lot during my vacation at surf city. The weather was really nice and not as humid this time. 

During the sunrise shot I was up really early and I was able to get tons of photographs off coastbirds and a passing fishing boat that I got during sunset conditions and tons of pictures of the moon phase and Mars while I was there.

This is a willed that I took during sunset conditions the first day I was there on vacation. The sunset condition this day was sunny and I got some proof of the sunset colors that day.

Willetts are re really interesting coast birds to photograph when you are the beach.

Some of them will fly off fast and some will be calm and you are able to get photographs of them.

I also get pictures of pelicans during this sunset while I was there during sunset conditions.

This was the fishing boat I got during sunset conditions at the beach. I enjoyed photographing this fishing boat almost every day during sunrise and sunset conditions.

The final sunset I got was the day before the vacation ended and I went down to the intercostal waterway to see what sunset conditions were like that night for sunset conditions.

I had to underexpose for the sunset conditions at the intercostal waterway to keep the colors the way they were producing during this sunset at the Intercostal water way at Surf City.

The humidity was starting to produce for this sunset that I took at Intercostal waterway and I was able to photograph two Great Blue Herons during sunset conditions and plus a great Egert as well.

I hope you all enjoyed my photography from recent beach trip at Surf City this time.

 In 11 days I am headed off for another vacation to Hilton Head at the beginning of November for another week and hopefully this time at Hilton Head, I will be able to get different coastal waterbirds and maybe a Wood Stork as well, which I am hoping to get pictures of it and this bird is on my bucket list for my birding photography. 


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