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Right Sunrise conditions at Jordan Lake plus good birds

I am back from along break from writing on the blog but AL D does not have clue that his very chimpy and has not posted about this outing yet today but I am . I am ahead of him the old wise fart ALD!!

Today I did a sunrise shot with my photography mentor who seemed to be chimping some open his photos today.

This is a Great Blue Heron I took during the sunrise at Jordan Lake Today. We spotted a pair of them doing territorial stand offs which was impressive to photograph today as well.

This was the when the territorials between the two Great Blue Herons were fighting between which territory belonged to them. I got many good shots of this.

This is also a pair of Black Voltures that seemed to be enjoying this beautiful morning grooming and just hanging around the side of Jordan Lake which I also got many shots of them doing their grooming styles for the day.

The other photos I got included a swallowtail butterfly, bees  and a new stump I got there today.

Here is a bee on the same flower that before the swallowtail was on.

Heres the swallowtail on flower that the bee was on.

And here's one of my stumps at Jordan Lake I photographed today and AL D is not allowed to pictures of this stump anymore since I own it in pictures now.

Lets See what the old masked fart does for a blog post or not.


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