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Birding Photography 18

Happy birding photography 18. Wahoo. Today we are going to talk about another species of the woodpeckers we have around here in North Carolina. Can anyone guess it?

This is a downy woodpecker I photographed at my neighborhood pond in December 2018.  I started seeing what the traits and behaviors were when I saw this Downy woodpecker.

The downy woodpecker is in the woodpecker family.  More about the Downy woodpecker coming up.  How can you Identify the Downy Woodpecker heres how to identify them from other woodpeckers in the area.

The Downy woodpecker has  a mid back white and there wings are black and white spotted too. The Downy woodpeckers tail are white with black spots. . Their head is boldly. The male downy woodpecker has a red nape patch on its head seen in this photograph i took of the male Downy woodpecker. Their bill can be used for wood pecking into trees, shrubs and tall weeds.

The downy woodpeckers call is a rapid descending whinny flat and pick and it sounds like a long drum. The Downy woodpecker can be found in woods, orchards and towns and its a resident here in North Carolina.


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