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Beware of Copperheads!

My  photography mentor and I  went to Duke Forest early in the morning to beat the heat today and today was my first time taking copperhead photos in the wild!

The copperhead in North Carolina is venomous  snake and you have to watch its natural behaviors in its surroundings around you while you are walking in the habitats.

The copperhead gets its name from its fittingly copper red head. Copperheads are medium size from 2 to 3 feet long in size and female copperheads are bigger than the male copperheads.

Copperheads have very different distinct  colors and patterns compared to the other snakes we have in North Carolina. How you can tell a copperhead snake is the head shape and the hour glass variations on its tail. Thats how you can tell it apart from other snakes.

They are most likely to attack if you go to close to them and the will bite you and you will end up with venom in your system from it and of course the venom is mild and most there bites are rarely to kill humans.
Copperheads are very interesting snakes,  but you have to watch out for them when you walk in the woods. Copperheads are most common in North Carolina and some people have been bitten by these copperheads and the most import an thing to remember is watch out where you walk because you may end up seeing a copperhead Snake.

Beware of this snake at all times!


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