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Finally caught someone chimmping!!

 I finally caught my mentor AL D chimmping for my blog which i will do now for change.He caught me twice. SO take this old walkabout.

I have been trying for years to catch this and NOW i have finally caught him Chimping for the first time which is an accomplishment for me finally catching him do it. Lets see how many more times I can catch AL D chimmping for my 500th post coming up soon!


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COVID 19 symptoms vs Flu Symptoms vs Cold Symptoms

Since you all know we are in the COVID 19 pandemic and now  flu season in North Carolina , here  are some differences between COVID 19 symptoms and Flu symptoms and also a comparison cold symptoms.   COVID 19 is a new infection that was discovered in 2020. It started in December 2019 in China and European countries then exposing the United States to COVID 19 not long after that . It has been affecting  people since then to now in November 2020.  What is happening to the United States during this COVID pandemic , is some states are going through another spike in cases of COVID , including our state of North Carolina.  What we did in North  Carolina , to help control COVID  was  use the dimmer switch approach.  Our  Governor Copper and his leadership team have been reading up on the science behind COVID  19 and using the science to reopen  our state in dIfferent phases.  States that opened to fast having seen a rise in their cases.  North Carolina our numbers remained stable and we had a

Right Sunrise conditions at Jordan Lake plus good birds

I am back from along break from writing on the blog but AL D does not have clue that his very chimpy and has not posted about this outing yet today but I am . I am ahead of him the old wise fart ALD!! Today I did a sunrise shot with my photography mentor who seemed to be chimping some open his photos today. This is a Great Blue Heron I took during the sunrise at Jordan Lake Today. We spotted a pair of them doing territorial stand offs which was impressive to photograph today as well. This was the when the territorials between the two Great Blue Herons were fighting between which territory belonged to them. I got many good shots of this. This is also a pair of Black Voltures that seemed to be enjoying this beautiful morning grooming and just hanging around the side of Jordan Lake which I also got many shots of them doing their grooming styles for the day. The other photos I got included a swallowtail butterfly, bees  and a new stump I got there today. Here is a bee on the same flower th

On this Day # 1

 Hey Hey, it's 2021 and New yearly theme this year.  I will be doing on This Day for Tuesdays on my blog. TOO BAD AL D you are banned from on this day on your blog! HAHA! Let's take a look back at 2019 for the first photo for my on this day on January 5 for the blog. This is a male cardinal , I took on this day on January 5,2019. Lets see if AL D does not on this DAY again for his blog