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This Day in History # 21

 1607: The English Colonists land near the James River in Virginia. 1846: The United States declares war on Mexico. 1913: Igor Sikovsky, flies the very first four engine aircraft ever. 1968: Peace talks begin between the United States and North Vitenam begins in Paris, France. 
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Monday Color # 33

Todays color post is Green ! So enjoy this Green day!!

Happy Bird Migration Day!

Today is Birding Migration Day which means it's time for birds to return to south or North for Birders or photographers to photograph the birds for the spring or summer. This is a Canadian Geese which I photographed the taking off from Neighborhood pond during sunset conditions.  This is a Great Egret which was also taken at my neighborhood pond when it came to visit my neighborhood before a Hurricane hit that year.  This is a common Sharp shinned Hawk which I also photographed at my neighborhood pond along time ago. This is a common song bird found around here in central North Carolina called the Grey Catbird. This is a white Ibis that I photographed at Pea Island Wildlife Refuge in the Outer banks of North Carolina during the Fall of 2015.

This Day in History # 20

 1861: The state, Arkansas, becomes the ninth state to seceed from the Union. 1937: The Hot Air balloon, The Hindenburg, explodes into flames at Lake Hurst, New Jersey. 1960: President Dwight Eisenhower signs the Civil Rights Act of 1960. 1994: The Channel Tunnel linking England to France is finally opened.

500th post

 Hey everyone it’s Al with the very special edition the 500th post on my blog. This is a milestone that I have been trying to reach on my blog.  I am going to talk about the 500h post on my blog.let’s go back to 1999 on this day for the 500th post that happened in Oklahoma in Moore in 1999 with a devastating tornado.    On May 3,1999 , which has now been over 22 years ago.   aA massive E-F5 tornado with wind speeds over 300 mph hit Moore and Bridge Creek Oklahoma and this tornado touched down at 6:23 pm and this tornado stayed on the ground for 38 miles with tons of destruction and killing many people to be exact 38 people . When this tornado touched down on the ground another tornado started forming in the same storm system that had produced this massive tornado of E-F5 status but this tornado that touched down right after the first was rated as an E-F 0 tornado, that did minor damage compared to the massive one that stayed on the ground for 38 miles.   When this tornado first touched

Monday color # 32

 Happy Monday Color # 32 on my blog this week. Lets see if anyone can guess what this Monday color post is shall we see if anyone can guess it for today? Oh yeah, Its a a bettle that I took in flower from last year that was not shown on the blog at all last year but now its being shown on a Monday Color this year on my blog. The color of the day is multi color again for this weeks color post. Have a great Monday everyone!

Its time Goodbye April

 Happy End of April everyone!! It is time to give away April with pollen to a successful May the next day. Happy last day of April Everyone and remember to keep having fun this spring!