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Step into Nature # 10

 Welcome back to another post on my blog for this weeks Step into Nature. Let's see what adventures of the post we are going to do for this weeks Step into Nature. This a Tri- Colored Heron, Which I photographed at Pickney Wildlife Refuge while I was on vacation way back in Hilton Head. The Tri- Colored Herons a very cool waterfowl to photograph and they have different color variants compared to the Great Blue Herons found in Central North Carolina, where I live. If you have a chance to find TriColor Herons you should photograph them and they are just like the other waterfowl that can be found in central North Carolina . This is a Jellyfish, which I photographed at Myrtle Beach during sunset conditions. The photograph came out really cool. Jelly Fish are very interesting subjects to photograph at local beaches.  I decided to use the jelly fish as my subject for this photograph  during sunset conditions. This was also taken at Myrtle Beach when i was on vacation in 2019. This is an
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Step into Nature #9

 Welcome back to Step into Nature on my blog this week. Let's dive right into the post for this weeks Step into Nature nine. This is more White Tailed Deer I photographed a few years back on a outing with the my photography mentor that day. These whited Tail Deer crossed the river and I was able to capture this in action on my camera and decided to use this in the post. The next animal we are going talk about on this post is a common Painted Turtle, I photographed at Mason land . Painted Turtles are common in this area of central North Carolina. This an American Coot, I photographed at Pickney Wildlife Refuge in Hilton Head when I was on vacation there a few years back. American Coots are very cool waterfowl birds to photograph. Stayed tuned in for next weeks Step into Nature. 

Step into Nature 8

 Welcome back to another adventure in this weeks Step Into Nature on my blog. Let's see what is going on for this post this week on Thursday.  This is a Red Headed Woodpecker, i also photographed at Jordan Lake with the master mind Al D while on a sunrise shot with him. I got several shots of both Female and Male Red Headed woodpeckers on this dead tree along side of the shore of Jordan Lake . We often don't see these  very often in central parts of North Carolina but at the Lakes of Central North Carolina, you can see them and photograph them as well. This is a Carolina Anole, I photographed at the Botanical Gardens with the marvelous walkabout trying to find lots of subjects to photograph there. We photographed many Carolina Anoles, hummingbirds and many other subjects at the Botanical Gardens. Carolina Anolies are very cool to photograph when you find them espicaily at Nc Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill. This is a baby Cropes Grey Tree Frog which I also photographed at NC B

A another new variant of covid

 There is many new variants of covid but the one we are going to talk about on this post is MU variant of covid virus.  The MU variant of covid was found in Columbia , South America in January 2021. This variant has caused some outbreaks in Europe, south A,Erica and the United States. The vaccines of covid and treatments are less effective in this variant.  By far this one is not spreading as quickly as the original covid variant and Delta variant of covid .  But for most the quickest one of the spread of the covid variant is still the Delta variant . The symptoms are the same as the variants of the covid and delta variant.  So please take extra caution around these variants. 

Step into Nature 7

 Welcome back to another step into Nature on my blog. Let's dive right into this weeks Step Into Nature. This is a Great Egret, I photographed during sunrise conditions with my mentor walkabout at Jordan Lake.  I decided to make a silhouette against the colors of the sunrise conditions with the Great Egret in front of the reflection of the sunlight on the water at Jordan Lake. This is a crab spider , I photographed on my butterfly bush, that I planted a few month back in the spring. I have had many photographic opportunities to get many insect and butterflies and hummingbirds as well. This common pond slider was taken at my neighborhood pond at the beginning of September . This turtle was warming its self with the sun on the bank and I got many pictures of that as well.  This is a Garden Spider, I photographed with walkabout at Gold Park in Hillsbrough. Garden Spiders are very cool to photograph in this area of central of North Carolina.  This a Osprey, I also photographed at Jorda

Step into Nature 6

 Welcome back to another weekly post of Step into Nature.Lets see what the deal is for this post for this weeks Step into Nature. These are Mallard Ducks, I photographed at Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina on a photo outing with my impaitent Al D who cant believe I am ahead of my scheduling posts before he does his. This is an Eastern Male Towhee, which I also photographed at Duke Gardens with my photography mentor, AL D. This an Eastern King Snake, Which I photographed at the New Hope Overlook at Jordan lake with my photography  mentor Al D. 

Step into Nature 5

 Welcome back to another post of Step into Nature. Let's continue on with this series. This in Anhinga that I photographed at Pickney Wildlife Refuge in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This is an American Alligator, which I also photographed at the Pickney Wildlife Refuge in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina when i was doing a Nature outing there. This is an Eastern Copperhead snake which I photographed at Duke Forest with my mentor, Al D. Copperheads are very dangerous snakes that are venomous and can make you go to the hospital if you get bitten by one. This is a Salamander, that I photographed at the Eno River, while also on a photo outing with my mentor, Al D.